Grumman square-stern canoe

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    One of my friends is trying to sell me an old Grumman aluminum canoe. I haven't measured it, but it's about a 17-footer. It has a narrow transom for a small outboard, flotation at the ends and seats fore and aft, is rated for four people or 850 lbs, and looks to be in pretty good shape. Being an all-day sucker, I'm probably going to buy it just because it's there....

    Question, though. It doesn't have any floorboards in it. Were Grumman aluminum canoes designed to have floorboards, or did people normally just walk on the bottoms? If they weren't sold with them, would it be a good idea to put some in anyway?

    The construction looks a lot like the one in this picture, with ribs spaced at regular intervals across the bottom and a small keel ridge outside:
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    I had a double ender of those. You just walk on the bottom. They are a bit heavy 100lbs, but really tough.
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