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    We are pleased to launch a new product - GRP Laminate Skin Thickness Calculator


    This app helps the user to design the laminate layers of an FRP boat
    From the rules/design, you may have achieved the total cured thickness needed for your laminate
    Ending up with a thinner laminate means weaker laminate and thicker laminate means excess material is being spent
    The user can try out various combinations of CSM and WR reinforcements to achieve the thickness accurately, along with other mechanical properties

    The App gives the following

    • The collective thickness (except the gelcoat) for the number of layers of reinforcements used
    • Ultimate tensile strength (N/mm2)
    • Tensile modulus (N/mm2)
    • Ultimate compressive strength (N/mm2)
    • Compressive modulus (N/mm2)
    • Ultimate shear strength (N/mm2)
    • Shear modulus (N/mm2)
    • Ultimate flexural strength (N/mm2)
    • Flexural modulus (N/mm2)


    Indian Register of Shipping - Rules and Regulations for the Construction and Classification of High-Speed Crafts and Light Crafts

    A video preview of the app is in the link below:

    To learn more, please click on the image above or the link below.
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    The description does not included stitched fabrics?
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