greed and misuse fuel

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    you have , it seems totally misread the post, i did not say "tell people how to spend their money" I said that if you use a thousand times as much as someone else, then it'll run out faster and there should be limits
    You note Petros said I,m evil, you with him their too?:))
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    masalai masalai

    Sadly, much of "modern Technology" is not repairable... Had a look inside your computer or cellular phone thingie lately? - - no home hobbyist I know could repair a loose wire from the battery to the board or something detailed (replace a burnt surface mount resistor?) - most of the stuff will last if it is "looked after". - - My phone has a light (which I don't know how to use) a charger plug and earpiece/mic plug - it is just a phone, and still does the job it was intended for (as well as potentially fry my brain - but I do not use it very often).....

    The reason I subscribe to boat design is to learn stuff for my new boat - almost ready to let the professionals loose then to get it built. I hope it will retain a "low impact" objective too, - and do just what it is designed to do - without a lot of fancy extras that I may never use. - - (Why have 4 double berths when I only expect 2 of us to live aboard... - Why have 2 toilets, lots of stuff is not really necessary for a comfortable life...)
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    Its why I still love my old iRiver H300 MP3 player. I've had it for more than 5 years now, and as some parts like the Hard Disk and Battery died I just got replacements off ebay and its as good as new.
  4. lazeyjack

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    you find a shed and I,ll build your bloody boat for free,, Cant start 2 months cos I leave for France 18th
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    no lazy ,contrar,,you are not evil,I think you are a real good guy ,john
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    masalai masalai

    Thanks for the offer LJ... using balsa composite panels to a Bob Oram design cat? - I thought you were "a man of Metal" ? - - literally..
  7. lazeyjack

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    i,ve seen those things built, piece cake, boat building is boatbuilding, just mix the sticky **** and I,ll do the building:))
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    I can assure you that there are MANY guys on this forum that own businesses and are ok financially

    however there has to be a limit on wastage

    it is utter nonsence that if you made the money you can do with it what you want, not on this planet when half of the folks with money are ******

    there is a thing called social responsibility

    I as an entrepeneur of 30 years, have had the extreme displeasure of meeting way to many incredibily wealthy business men, especially in the mining sector, who are totally obsessed with making money and spending it the way they see fit. If you want to see scumbags and their miserable children, go to the wealthy suburbs. The building sector is just as bad, i know because i am in it.

    I speak from bitter experience
    I still have a very good business in this global mess
    I live in one of the TOP suburbs, high end value
    My neighbours drive Ferrari and Lambo and Rolls
    Most of them are scum bags!

    So lets face facts, there has to be brakes somewhere, human nature does not cope well when every idiot that has made money thinks he is god.
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    yeah manie give the ******* heaps, called me evil!! still not worth reply with feed, jus changing the oil on my ferrari now, then I,m going out to tinker with the 2 bhp motor on my sloop, in 1000 years it will burn 50 gallons in a 1000 years I will drink 100000 gals of vodka, hey dont tell me what to drink, there is no shortage of the stuff

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    Cheers lazyjack!
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