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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Stumble, Jan 5, 2013.

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    So it isn't that often I have had an experience with a boat broker that was so good I felt the need to publicly recommend them. But having just taken delivery on a new to me Corsair Sprint 750 I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the customer support from Steve and Tanya at The Finish Line OTC in Stuart Florida.

    We started the process of buying this boat with a phone call to them asking if they could arrange a test sail. Having never sailed a trimaran before we had no idea if this was a boat that we would like, and of all the brokers I talked too, they were the only ones willing to take us out just to see if a trimaran was even an option. Having called at least six brokers to try and set this up the fact that they were willing to put a test sail together with no promises, or even implications that a purchase was in the works was pretty impressive.

    So we flew down to see them at their shop, where they were welcoming and accommodating, then took us out on an all day test sail just to orient us to what sailing a trimaran is like. Of course we bought the boat from them, so obviously we liked it, but this isn't about the boat selection.

    After settling on the fact that we did in fact want the Sprint 750, Steve did a great job of pulling every boat in the US that was for sale, then running a huge spreadsheet detailing the cost differences in each of the boats (balancing for gear and shipping costs). Finally we settled on a specific boat, and within days had an accepted offer.

    No muss, no fuss, just got the deal done, and was able to hammer out the few issues in no time flat.

    Now this is where it gets really amazing. Once we took delivery on the boat the plan was to have it shipped to Jamaica by ship, which required disassembling the boat, packing it into a container, loading up the hundreds of pounds of boat gear we bought in addition to the boat, then arranging for shipping. Given that the boat needed to be loaded and on its way in less than seven days I didn't think it was possible, but thanks to some long hours, and working thru Thanksgiving, Steve and Tanya got it done, and with time to spare.

    Then because it was going to be necessary to put the boat back together on the commercial wharf in Jamaica, Steve offered to fly down and help assemble it for nothing more than the cost of a plane ticket, and a day getting to sail the boat in Jamaica.

    Six long hours on the wharf in Jamaica fighting through customs agents, brokers, inspections, and finally thanks to Steve the boat was ready to be trailered. Then a three hour drive across the island to drop the boat in the water.

    Withing an hour of getting to the ramp the boat was in the water, the mast was up, and all the while giving a seminar on how to put the boat in the water, so we know how to do it next time.

    Having been involved in the boat industry for years, owned close to a dozen different boats, working in boat yards for years, and now selling marine equipment, I have never had the pleasure of working with a broker that was as dedicated to making the sale and resultant delivery as painless as possible. And given that the boat was traveling internationally, and had to be disassembled that's saying something.
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    Nice when you find great people to work with.

    Congrats on the new boat too!
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