Gray water discharge in Colorado River Lakes

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    Does anyone have a handle on the regulations for graywater discharge along the Colorado River and its lakes?

    I've been playing with the layout of the riverboat Paul (PAR) is drawing for me. At first glance it seems to me there's room for a minimal but usable shower, by extending the head as drawn towards the galley. But having to store the water every time I pulled some out of the lake and soaped up at the end of the day would take a lot of the fun out of it....

    edit: I've been in bed or sitting with my legs propped up for a week now, because the clots in my leg came back with a vengeance. Two weeks actually, with four days working in between -- which turned out to be a mistake... Paul's going to be banging his head on his drafting table (or keyboard, more likely), when he realizes he's dealing with a malignant case of Bored Client With Time On His Hands. :D
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    Short answer- No as far as an overall collection of requirements and prohibitions. There are seven separate federal and state agencies with authority to regulate access and usage, and that doesn't count local and tribal interests. Generally, someone is going to prohibit graywater disposal within 100 yd of any open water. Often this extends to 1/4 mile. The areas of particular concern are drinking water reservours; which, out west, is anything bigger than a cattletrough. They are also fighting fish deseases that get transported from one pond or river to another, and are as much concerned with where the water came from and where the boat has been as the fact that theres a bit of soap in it. Use best practices as far as no detergents, carry soapy water away from the open water, etc. Never been hassled for using best practices. Run you boat through a carwash when changing lakes and sanitize all tanks. If you vist any tribal land, you must vist the local tribal house to get permission. That usually involves buying a fishing permit, which they use as an all purpose admission ticket.
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