Grain Heeling Moments

Discussion in 'Stability' started by stavrou2000, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Hellao To Everyone,

    I Want To Complete A Trim And Stability Booklet For A Cargo Ship. I Use The Maxsurf Program And Hydromax To Do My Calculations, But Maxsurf Cannot Do The Heeling Moment Diagram For Every Cargo Tank.

    So I Want, Anyone, To Tell Me What Is The Proccedure To Find The Above Mentioned Diagram And Furthermore The Grain Stability For The Cargo Ship.

    Thanks In Advance
    Stavrou Theoharis
    Naval Architect And Marine Engineering N.t.u.a.
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    Check the IMO Code of Safe Practices for Solid Bulk Cargos and SOLAS.

    In the US the requirements are in 46 CFR, Part 93 and Part 172, Subchapter S, Subpart B which referencences IMO, SOLAS, the National Cargo Bureau General Information on Grain Loading.
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