Goodbye Aluminium Welcome Ply boat.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by OZMY, Jul 11, 2020.

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    Hi everyone,

    I started a thread about building an aluminium cat 18ft about two months ago.

    I had really great advice from you Mr Efficiency and Gonzo and many others that I really appreciate.

    When I decided ( as a first time builder ) to start the project of a monohull something like a Alumcraft or similar I call all the aluminium plate dealers here in Argentina to get a quote.

    That was crazy, First of all naval gradeagrade is so difficult to get. When I found one the plate measures weren't the indicate. And finally they had that product but they weren't able to deliver due it's attached to the international price and here the local currency went down 50% again us dollar in 6 months. So meanwhile this lockdown ( here still we have it although we have since the beginning 1770 deceases and 94k cases in a population of 48 million )

    We'll don't want to bore you but short version is no marine grade aluminium is available.

    Finally with the economic situation I had to sell the Yamaha 60 hp and we'll see what happens next.

    Anyway I'm not going to give up and I'm planning to build a fishing boat in my garage.

    Here the most affordable material bI can get is plywood. After checking a couple of websites I saw the Jeff Spira Easytobuildboats and he has a lot of quite nice and sturdy boats that suits my needs.

    Finally I decided to build the 16ft Robalo Panga. I havehhave exchange somensome email with Mr Spira and he is so kind and answered every question I had with great advice. I plan to give less angle to the V-Bottom as I try to get a planning speed with less power and giving me a more stable fishing platform.

    Right now I have no outboard but I think I can reach a Parsun 25hp 4 stroke or a Parsun 40hp 2 stroke commanded from a small center console.

    Here is a link to the 16ft Robalo Spira Boats website there andare free study plans and some photo of previous builds.

    Spira International Inc - Robalo Panga

    Wish me luck gentlemen !

    Have a great weekend !

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    Sorry , I have no idea what happens to my cell keyboard that is repeating some words.:(
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    Make sure to use a good quality epoxy.

    I watched a guy repair his entire boat due to poor epoxy that really wasn't meant for boat building.
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    Best luck to you OZMY,
    looks like a good match for he lovely Tigre delta.

    do make sure the plywood is marine grade !
    (The standard stuff for furniture will dissolve quickly when water gets in. That would be a shame after all the work.)

    Cheers from another guy trapped in the BA virus mess ! (I wish i had a garage to build protos instead of getting mad behind my damn computer) :)
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    JEJE I know ... Well try to design something with Freeship or with AutoCAD better if you have the skills and even more important the patience. I canĀ“t even draw a can of beer !

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    Good luck OZMY. That's a sharp looking skiff. It should go well with a 25 horse. I have a 20 on my 16 ft. skiff which pushes it fine with 2 heavy humans y un perro aboard.

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