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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by chrismcg, Nov 12, 2020.

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    Not sure if this is the best place to put this, but here goes.
    I am currently teaching myself boat design, but I'm struggling a little with the maths needed (probably because I slept through maths in school thinking I'd never need it). Are there any good resources out there for learning the maths needed for boat design. It would be great if there were some book or course dealing specifically with boat design maths, but that's probably wishful thinking.
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    They are separate, math and boat design.
    That's not to say there isn't math in boat design
    but there isn't much boat design in math.
    Good luck.
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    Realistically, algebra is all you need to study boat design. I have said before that I could take a high-schooler with algebra skills and teach them everything they need to know in a couple of months, because the real knowledge is knowing where to look it up. Now to study the theory behind those references...that is going to take calculus and differential equations, and writing software code is whole other topic.

    Edit to add; are you working out of Kinney's version of Skene's? He does a pretty good job on keeping the math simple.
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    A most useful resource for brushing up on math, chemistry, physics, and more, is at Khan It is free and a pretty good source.

    Depending on where you left off your math while in school, you might try the book: Math With Bad Drawings. Available from Amazon and other sources. It is a book that puts fun into the study of math. One of the best math treatises ever put together is an old book by a guy with an unusual name ( Lancelot Hogben). He covers so many facets of math that one needs no other book . The book is called; Mathematics For The Million. That old Brit guy, with the funny name, did one helluva job to help me and a gazillion others. Another Brit who is a valuable resource is/was Named Silvanus Thompson. He did an exceptional job with his book: Calculus Made Easy. For starters I recommend a book Titled International Math On Keys. That one was put together by the Texas Instruments Learning Center. The keys book helps you persuade your hand held calculator to do the drudgery work that we old guys used to have to do with a pencil and paper. None of the suggested books are expensive.

    Familiarity with general math has value that extends far beyond the design of boats. I salute you for beginning your journey into new ways of thinking and understanding. Go for it Chrismcg.
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    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I'll look into them and hopefully improve.
    I can handle most of the maths needed, but I just want to make sure I'm not making basic errors, and a better understanding of the processes involved is the aim, that and speed.
    Among other books I'm working off Skene's original version of Skene's which does keep the maths simple, but I'm also trying to use Larsson and Eliasson's Principles of Yacht Design, which is much more complicated. I struggle with that one which frustrates me because I know that it contains great information which I want to understand.
    Thanks again.
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