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Good Chinese Yacht builders?

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by sandersc, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Maniek
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    Maniek Junior Member

    Hi guys.
    Two years ago I've been working in China(Xiamen) in one of boat building companys.By the time I've visited others arround-there is many of them. What can I say- China for today is not sooo cheap as we all thinking.OK,there is good access to all materials but from other site is veeery difficult to work with them.Most important - if you start to work with Chinese - you need to have there ''your man'' who will control all production process and quality,trust me. Tooday very popular places to locate boats production are also Cambodia and Vietnam-can't say why,but....I've been working also in Thailand and there is not bed.So...from my experience - if I will thinking about boats business,boat builders etc.,I will go to Philippines...Why...? that's different story. All the best...If can help with any other information just contact me... mar-q@o2.pl
  2. gamage
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    gamage Senior Member

    Boat building in Sri Lanka

    We have facilities for the manufacture of Fiberglass/composites boats in Sri Lanka.

    Kindly visit our web site <www.saviya-e-business.com>
  3. David Jackson
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    David Jackson New Member

  4. jonboatlover
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    jonboatlover New Member

    I know a few chinese yacht builders calles Pocta and Hi-fei. But I can't recommend any of those.
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