god's tear

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jumpinjackflash, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. jumpinjackflash
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    jumpinjackflash Junior Member

    partly the price, partly the challenge, partly just because I dig the nontraditional look

    I plan to just use it as a tiny little cruiser, but I would like the option of ocean crossings

    I'm a young guy I spend most of my time in a 4x4 ft area around my computer anyway
  2. Russ Kaiser
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    God's Tear WAS 8'11"

    My calibrated eyes were in error, the boat was just shy of 9 feet.

    I did a little research after my post and probably some of you know this already. God's Tear made an Atlantic crossing back in the early '80s but was lost on the rocks when it made unintentional landfall during a storm off of Ireland. Does getting the occupant from one shore to another count as a successful crossing? :?:

    The web site that had the length also had quite a list of micro cruisers. Quite a few were lost at sea.


  3. BertKu
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    Well, we all have dreams, but you need to be practical. Where are you going to keep food and drinking water for some 45 days? or more in case the current is against you and is in the opposite direction of your end destination. You don't have space for converting drinking water from the sea, too many cartridges.

    We all, but we can stand up after a few hours, stretch our legs and open a door to the world wide world. You can't, if you open the hatch, your muzzles will go crazy for a little exercise and all what you see is the sea. Bert
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