GM and KG limit table

Discussion in 'Stability' started by xhanasico, May 30, 2007.

  1. xhanasico
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    xhanasico Junior Member

    1. Please tell me the way to caculate GM and KG limit table (if possible for several trims) for a container vessel 700TEU in excel sheet.

    2. Values for ship deflection caculating by excel sheet.
  2. PI Design
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    PI Design Senior Member

    Why do these posts always seem to originate from folk in Vietnam? There's been several like them, supposedly designing large(ish) commercial craft but without any idea of basic naval architecture.
    Remind me never to sail on a ship built there.
    This isn't meant to sound xenophobic, I'm just stating the facts.
  3. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    Now that you mention it, PI, I've observed the same thing....

    xhanasico and all others asking similar questions:
    Buy and read some textbooks on naval architecture. Go to an engineering school and take courses. There is absolutely no way you will get a decent understanding of your own question, let alone a satisfactory answer, with such a broad, vague request on here.
  4. UK Nav Arc
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    UK Nav Arc Junior Member

    To be honest, it looks like students who are trying to get unfair help with their coursework.
  5. DavidJ
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    DavidJ Senior Member

    I agree that it does look like student questions, but come on they are usually soooo broad. Why can't they ask their teachers? Where do you even begin to answer this question? Do they not know how to solve the hydrostatic problem? Do they know how to do the problems by hand and are having trouble setting up the spreadsheet? What numbers do they have and why on earth do I care that the ship can carry 700 containers?

  6. UK Nav Arc
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    UK Nav Arc Junior Member

    They're so broad so that students have to go out and collect a range of data - if it's made too narrow then one student might do it and the rest will copy the answers exactly!
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