GM 350 rebuild Are there special kits?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by milicev, Apr 22, 2008.

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    milicev New Member

    HI, I need to rebuild my gm 350 block for my 79 slickcraft. I was wondering if I could use a car rebuild kit or are there special camshafts, pistons, gaskets for the marine versions of these blocks. Basically I want to know if I need to spend double the money for a kit that says marine or is there no difference?? Also, if anyone knows where to order a good cheap marine kit for this engine I would greatly apreciate it.
    Thanks, Danny
  2. redtech
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    the engine block is the same the cam is ground differant but you can order one with the propper gridding or have a machine shop regrind yours, the gaskets may look the same but materials used in the gasket are differant in the long run you're better off spending a couple bucks now over doing it again latter, not saying that they will fail just i don't take that chance myself.
    and yes there are kits to rebuild your marine block so you don't have to go automotive in a boat
    this question can raise a lot of opinions so now that someone have replied you'll have more input than just mine
    good luck and have fun
    the best part of a rebuild is after all the work the feeling you get when you start it
  3. tuantom
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    Redtech pretty much covered it all. I'll just add that if you shop around a bit, you can get some pretty good prices. I used for my Ford 351 rebuild - and was happy with them, plus they sell marine parts for auto prices. Stock pistons in your engine are cast aluminum, so unless you're going Hi performance, you can go that road or go for hypereutectic - pricey forged pistons are overkill for a stock to mild build. What side of town are you on? Do you have a machine shop already? The machine work is equally important to you're choice of parts.
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