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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by messabout, May 16, 2010.

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    Lets hear it for Jessica Watson, the 16 year old Aussie girl, who just completed her solo, non stop, unassisted, round the world sail. (I wonder whether there is any relation to one of our erudite contributors, also named Watson) This kid is something special. She sailed around the horn, endured seven knock downs, 210 days at sea, and now her ambition is to learn how to drive a car and get her drivers license. All raise their glasses to Jessica.

    I have always suspected that the Aussies were crazy. There must be something in the drinking water down there. After all, they have dabbled with the world speed records for jet boats and sail boats, and they sail 18s as if that was a sane pursuit. Some of the best motorcyle racers in the world are Aussies. Two hundred miles per hour on sections of a road racing course is not the stuff of sissies. And now this remarkable and obviously very capable young lady has one upped some of the others..... Crazy or not, the spirit of adventure and achievement must surely live large in the land of OZ.
  2. hoytedow
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    Good on the lass.
  3. Submarine Tom

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    Oh how different this would have turned out had she died as soooo many had speculated.

    What a spirit she has ignited.

    Good on 'er!

  4. Doug Lord
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    Gutsy kid! Good Luck to her from now on....
  5. tunnels

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    Gutsy kid or pushie parents !!!! I wonder ??:confused:
  6. Landlubber
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    Gutsy kid, not pushy parents, but it is nice that they supported her entirely.

    I found it nice when she contradicted the PM here, he said she was a hero, she said she was not, only doing what she wanted to do. doubt she will continue on with life with the quite understanding that she has been there, done understanding that we all feel after a long sea voyage

  7. apex1

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    Well put mate.

    And I think Laura Dekker should do her voyage as well. She has proven to be a capable sailor, maybe much better than some of us "old salts".

    She is´nt going unassisted (when they leave her) and not going in one go, but hey, what does that mean. She must not break records to live her dream.

    Too many, almost ALL of our children live in a (sometimes golden) prison.

    Let them take the chance and the risk we have´nt.


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