glen l raven 23 deep vee sedan cruiser

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by boredman1, Dec 2, 2014.

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    after many hours going over various boat designs from different designers and websites, i have finally found one i feel i would be able to build while having everything i need, the raven 23' trailerable deep vee sedan cruiser from

    but before i put my foot down on any one boat build, i figured i would ask people with a little more experience then me a few questions.

    would this be an ok choice for coastal traveling?
    what could i expect my range to be with a 140 hp outboard or with a inboard?
    would this cope in stormy weather alright?
    is the deck self draining? if not how hard would it be to make it?
    is the toilet flush or compost?
    the accommodation plan they show you is very low quality ( as with most it seems ) and i cant make out a lot of it, does anyone here know where to find a higher quality version:confused: .

    i was thinking of building a hartley 21 and cruising the coast with that at first so the amount of space isn't a problem with me.

    can i put build in the title at a later date?

    thanks for any reply's.
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    It is difficult to answer some of your questions, since you don't post your location. For example, titling a boat is different in every location. Coastal travelling may be OK in the Cheasapeake Bay, but not in the coast of Portugal.
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