Glastron GT 150 project

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    I purchased two Glastron GT 150 project boats.

    One is more or less usable in our local small lake with a trolling motor. The other one appears to have had a restoration begun. The floor has been mostly removed; however, it looks like it was left out in the elements for several years after that. The stringers need to be replaced, the transom needs to be replaced; pretty much a top down restoration project, there are plants growing out of where some of the wood was bare and rotten, etc!

    I would rather not take apart the one that actually floats and has seats, so I wonder of anybody out there has a picture or diagram of what the framing arrangement should be; what's under the floor, with the floor removed?
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    I cant make out why no one hasnt answered this !!
    What about posting some pictures of each boat with some good detail !! Dont worry about the weeds and what ever else !! :D
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