glassing in plywood deck replacement

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    I am currently in the process of refurbing a number of old displacement boat, the boat have all been left for a number of years and are well rotten!

    Basically all the boats bulkheads bearers and engine beds have now all been replaced and I am onto the deck having cut it all in today I am just wondering what the options that I have not considered are.

    To provide the strongest long term solution do i need to cover the underside of the deck in a layer of chopstrand and then flow coat it? or can I treat it in some other way that will be quicker? I will of course be taping the top and laying a couple of layers of 2oz csm on the top and same with the taping.

    Basically I am just after another opinion?

    My favourite way of finishing decks is flowcoat with a kiln dry sand in it as it provides alot of grip and I think it looks quite smart but does anyone have any other techniques they like to try?

    These are the first smaller boats I have worked on for a while having only really worked on really big stuff! what lay up would you have used for the engine beds to the hull to support a 3 cylinder volvo? you can never be to careful and is fully braced with other bearers anyway and will also have the floor glassed to the sides but just thought I would ask!

    There seems to be alot of knowledge on this forum and thought I would ask you guys

    Many thanks
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