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Discussion in 'Software' started by bekster, Jun 2, 2010.

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    bekster New Member


    I know Poseidon is not really a design software but maybe there are some people around here that do know how to work wit it?

    I have a Problem:
    I want to import the Hull geometry from Delftship to Poseidon. Therefore I had to create an offset file just like its written in the description of the poseidon manual:

    # Example file, in order to show the syntax
    PRINDIM LPP 195.4 LWL 195.4
    PRINDIM B 29.8 H 50.5 T 10.1
    -7 720
    4 800
    47 790
    255 790

    0000.0 9461.2 LINE
    1425.1 9617.6 LINE
    4102.1 9970.3 LINE
    6258.6 10315.8 LINE
    8060.2 10679.9 LINE
    9955.3 11209.4 LINE
    10668.5 11465.4 LINE
    11827.8 12021.6 LINE
    12736.9 12631.7 LINE
    13191.3 13025.3 LINE
    13502.8 13336.3 LINE
    14023.6 13980.9 LINE
    14564.4 15011.0 LINE
    14780.9 15755.6 LINE
    14886.7 16555.2 LINE
    14900.0 16978.8 LINE
    14900.0 21400.0 LINE

    When I use this example offsets, poseidon creates the frame #5 without problems...

    But when I want to import my file, wich looks exactly the same but with different offsets, poseidon says "syntax error" (unknown keyword)...
    even when i reduce it to only 1 frame like in the example, it still wont work...
    this is how the offsets of one frame of my model look like:

    0000.0 0000.0 LINE
    10621.0 0200.0 LINE
    11691.0 0400.0 LINE
    12153.0 0600.0 LINE
    12492.0 0800.0 LINE
    12773.0 1000.0 LINE
    13001.0 1200.0 LINE
    13187.0 1400.0 LINE
    13342.0 1600.0 LINE
    13467.0 1800.0 LINE
    13567.0 2000.0 LINE
    13648.0 2200.0 LINE
    13714.0 2400.0 LINE
    13768.0 2600.0 LINE
    13811.0 2800.0 LINE
    13840.0 3000.0 LINE
    13850.0 3200.0 LINE
    13850.0 3400.0 LINE
    13850.0 14600.0 LINE

    Has anybody any ideas why those wont work?
    Thanks alot!
  2. PhotoBoatGuy
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    PhotoBoatGuy Rhino fanatic

    I don't know the Poseidon system, but a question of a more general nature arises. In the example from the software, there is a 9-line header, followed by an empty line, followed by the offsets.

    What you showed for your example was just the offsets for the frame. Could it be that you did not include the header?

    Also, do you know the meanings of all the elements of the header? Perhaps one of them is inapplicable to the geometry. Error messsages don't always accurately describe the true nature of the problem

    Just a couple of suggestions.

    Another item that may give you an idea: For years I've worked with AutoCAD, using attributes in blocks. When you extract the data from the attributes, you must specify a template file for AutoCAD to use for extraction. If you leave a line feed at the end of the last line of the template file, the file won't work and you'll get a very cryptic error message that does NOT tell you that the problem is that extra carriage return. You might check for this same type of thing in your inputs.

    Best of luck
    Cliff W Estes
  3. Perm Stress
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    Perm Stress Senior Member

    I do much of my work in Poseidon.

    Error messages you refer to most probably stem from reasons already mentioned in previous post.

    In your effort to sort this out, keep in mind that header of file contain important general information about ship, like LPP, and parameters of "frame table - x direction". Last time I had problems with import, they were connected with x-frame table .

    I would also note, that Poseidon demand close to absolute accuracy in every detail, in order to work properly (not only in geometry import).

    Once I did come to aphorism "Poseidon is created by MATHEMATICIANS!" :)

    Keep this "mathematical nature" in mind, save your file often, and make a spare copy before starting ANY operation new for you.

    good luck!
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