GL and Container vessel of 3500 TEU

Discussion in 'Class Societies' started by pavel915, Mar 7, 2008.

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    We want to design ; a container vessel of 3500 TEU . The ship will be designed under the rules of Germanischer Loyed.
    Can anyone suggest; what can we consider regarding the principal particulars of the vessel?
    i want good suggession from you that; how can we determine the principal particulars of the ship? does GL give any direction to evaluate the principal particulars?
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    Come on Pavel, I know you can do this.

    This is the standard last semester ship design project. Everyone, even you, should be able to do the first turn through the spiral in about 20 minutes!

    This is why I told you to go study ships in one of your first threads so long ago.

    Here, I will help you.

    Go out and buy 1750 LEGO bricks. Each brick represents 2 TEU. Arrange them in a close pattern that approximates a ship shape. Measure the length and width and scale up. Add the length of an engine room. Displacement is determined by multiplying the weight of a full container by 1750 then multiplying that by 1.3 and adding the weight of the engine. Draft is then taken from displacement*1.25/.7(L*B).

    If you can't do this after all those years of study, have you ever considered being a botanist?
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