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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by TeddyDiver, Jul 31, 2010.

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    Here a sketch of a gimbaled table. Sorry for the quality but believe the idea behind comes clear and, if somebody finds it usable, feel free to copy edit develope etc.. (not to be patented :p )
    -In both ends standing base.
    -A (more or less) rectangular frame attached btw the bases. Quick locking allowing it to be swinged upright, and also any angle btw for the possibility to have the table "preset" for somewhat steady heeling on a tack.
    -Three bord plate gimbaled to the frame and having levers in both ends connecting them to work together. The mid section can have under either a box for some Martell and port bottles (any bottom heavy marine refreshments) or/and lead weights to keep the board plates level.

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    Nice idea, and be assured that it cannot be patented because you have already disclosed it.
    I would make some 2 cm gap between the plates to prevent cutting a finger, and definitely use some storage box below to make the plates level.

    One have to be careful not to run out from bottom heavy marine refreshment. It could be disastrous to the stability of the table and crew morale:)
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    Nice idea Teddy, thanks!
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