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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by DRD Boats, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Hey Everyone,

    As some of you may know from my previous posts I am looking at getting into building fiberglass drift boats. I am curious about any companies out there that will build a reusable mold for an all fiberlgass drfit boat for commercial use that I could have built for me or is it something I could build myself? Maybe any companies out near Wyoming? Also I have CAD drawings. Does anyone know what the estimated cost would be? Also if there are companies out that will build a vacuum infusion mold? Thanks ahead for your responses.
  2. Eric Sponberg
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    The two most prominent tooling companies in the marine field are Janicki in Washington state, and Marine Concepts here in Florida:

    That's a start. You will probably find others. Contact them to get quotes. to learn the best and latest regarding resin infusion and the requirements for proper tooling, contact Andre Cocquyt, the GRP guru:

    I hope that helps.

  3. Herman
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    Also try Wyowindworks. Near your place.
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    I'm in northern Colorado - and I think I can help. A drift boat is made entirely of developable panels and cnc tooling would be prohibitive for your project. There are several low cost alternatives you coud use to build youself quite quickly and affordably.

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    If you haven't already, invest in constructing a test model before investing in production tooling. Lots of ways to build a one-off model inexpensively for testing.
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