Getting a pocket cruiser to sail well

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by sail-bob, Aug 16, 2006.

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    sail-bob Junior Member

    I am considering building a small pocket cruiser of around 18'/5.5m LOL out
    of fiberglass/epoxy reinforced plywood.

    I have read that small boats has a tendency to nose dive.
    I would assume that this can be compensated by a narrow hull form towards the stern.

    I wanted to check the LCF/LCB at different heel angles with the excellent FreeShip
    but it does not seem to support such a feature. Am I on the wrong track?

    Most small pocket cruisers I seen has a very wide stern which seem to contradict
    the problem with nose diving.
    Since a large boat (such as V70) cannot be scaled down and keep its characteristics,
    that's not a option either.

    Does anyone know about a well sailing pocket cruiser that is more optimised to sailing well
    than for e.g. space and wich can give me a hint on the hull form needed.

    For stability I was thinking of a keel with keel bomb (150-200 kg/300-500 lbs).
    Is it possible to make it retractable for e.g transportation and landings?

    Can such a pocket cruiser plane (Assuming a displacement of less than 1 tonnes)? In suche case, how big
    sail area would be needed?

    I am a novis but trying to learn...

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    Boats that pitchpole(nose dive) do so because of a variety of reasons. Among them is poor design and bad handling.
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    If performance you want, you could build a Dudley Dix Mini 6.5. Huge rear end and fast like a bullet. If you are going to cruise, they have a cruising design.

  6. sail-bob
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    sail-bob Junior Member

    Thanks for the good links and references.
    I'll probably will try to make a similar keel handling as Idea19.

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