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Discussion in 'Software' started by Dolfiman, Apr 21, 2019.

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    I am pleased to propose you a new version of Gene-Hull dedicated for Dinghy. Here attached are the spreadsheet application (ods. file that can be opened with either Open office or Libre office), the User guide and 6 examples : variants on the theme of a 14 ft cat-boat dinghy (Lhull 4,27 m ; Bhull 1,60 m).

    I remind you that you can have also in this Software forum :
    The Catamaran 2,4 version :
    Gene-Hull version for Catamaran
    The Sailing yacht 2,3 versions :
    Gene-Hull upgrade 2,3
    and its tutorial :
    Tutorial for Gene-Hull UE 2,3

    The Canoe 2,3 version is here in the Design Forum , quote #58 :
    Canoe length, efficiency and speed

    By hoping these applications can be helpful for your early stage projects,

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    Thank you Dolfiman!
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