Gene-Hull Sailboat 3.3 and its post applications Gene-Stab and Gene-VPP

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    I am pleased to propose you this upgraded version 3.3 of « Gene-Hull Sailboat » and its post applications Gene-Stab and Gene-VPP. I remind you that they are free spreadsheet applications developed with OpenOffice Calc, and dedicated to the early stage project of sailboat (keel boat, daysailer, cruiser, racer).

    An insight of the main improvements :
    ** The topsides above the hard chine (if any) can now be tilted outward or inward, not only vertical,
    ** The aft transom can now be classic or inverted,
    ** The proposed standard roof is more refined and streamlined,
    ** The sailplan definition is more flexible : the main roach can be adjusted, the foresail can be up to a Code 0 on pole,
    ** Within the VPP :
    - the true wind angle twa for the second set of computation (« Reaching ») can be input by the User from 45° to 135° (not only fixed at 90°), the twa for the third set of computation (« Downwind with Spi) can be input from 90° to 180° (not only fixed at 135°)
    - warnings are proposed for either too much heel angle or too much apparent wind speed (for the resistance of the sail).
    (My thanks to @balazs rozgonyi who stimulates and helps me for these two VPP points)

    Now up to 22 examples are proposed in the attached documents, covering all kinds of sailboats inc. some historical ones reinterpreted, for the show and in the idea that one of them can be useful for you to start a new project (all the input data for these examples are stored in « Hulls storage » sheet)

    And as usual :
    ** For the beginner of Gene-Hull : it is recommended to first test the influence of each adimensional parameters with the boat V1 in place, without changing the geometrical data, to see and learn about the influence of each one, in conjunction with the explanations given in the User Guide.
    ** For the more advanced user : you can take advantage of one of the examples showed in the « Examples » document, of which input data are stored in the « Hulls storage » sheet , to start a new project.

    It is a free and open source speadsheet application, developed on a support itself free and widespread (Open Office Calc 4.0.1) : to open and use an ods file, you need either Open Office or Libre office on your PC, if necessary to download according to :
    ODS File Extension - What is an ods file and how do I open an ods file? | OpenTheFile

    By hoping this upgraded version 3.3 can be helpful for your early stage projects. Just try and enjoy !

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