Gene-Hull Sailboat 3.2 version + post-applications Stab and VPP

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    I propose you an upgraded version 3.2 of Gene-Hull Sailboat, spreadsheet application for an early stage project, mostly justified by the Sections shape new formulation both generalised and simplified (less parameters to input). The previous combination of V and E sections is no longer necessary. I also took advantage of this upgrading to add some improvements, e.g. the waterlines, the center of buoyancy CB and the center of floatation CF of the heeled hull are shown, which can help appreciate the design relevance.

    Due to that upgrade, new versions of the VPP (Velocity prediction) and the Stab (stability issue) applications are also proposed in connection. I named them respectively Gene-VPP Sailboat 3.2 (previously SA-VPP 1.0) and Gene-Stab Sailboat 3.2 (previously Gene-Hull Sailboat- Stab 1.0) to simplify and remind the connection with Gene-Hull (although Gene-VPP can be used stand alone). So in short, Gene-Hull, Gene-Stab, Gene-VPP, 3 tools to cover the early stage phase of a project, facilitating numerous iterations.

    Gene-VPP Sailboat 3.2 improvements :
    • introduction of "Flat mini" as an input data : the User can set this threshold to mitigate the use of Flat parameter by the algorithm, acting on the sails camber in upwind conditions (previously, this threshold was fixed at 0,5)

    • new pre-set of twa values in upwind conditions, closer to standard average values for an optimum of the VMG.

    • By light winds, the RM curve between 0° and 10° of heel is modified to better take into account the crew action to generate a bit of heel and reduce the wetted surface.
    Gene-Stab Sailboat 3.2 improvement, side to the major one which was its full compatibility with Gene-Hull Sailboat 3.2 :
    • in the STIX sheet, the righting energy is also computed (for a classification in Cat. A and Cat.B, it is a criteria in itself with specific thresholds)
    As usual, also here attached are the updated User guides and Examples covering a broad range of typical designs, of which input data are also in the storage sheets ready for a copy paste. The boat named V1 , a modern classic sailboat, is in place in the 3 applications.

    For the beginner of Gene-Hull : it is recommended to first test the influence of each adimensional parameters, without changing the geometrical data, to see and learn about the influence of each one, in conjunction with the explanations given in the User Guide.

    For the more advanced user : you can take advantage of one of the 18 examples showed in the « Examples » document, of which input data are stored in the « Hulls storage » sheet , to start a new project.

    It is a free and open source speadsheet application, developed on a support itself free and widespread (Open Office Calc 4.0.1) : to open and use an ods file, you need either Open Office or Libre office on your PC, if necessary to download according to : ODS File Extension - What is an ods file and how do I open an ods file? | OpenTheFile

    By hoping these upgraded versions can be helpful for your early stage projects.

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    Superb work as usual -Ill be trying this out later this week!
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    Thank you very much, it encourages me to continue to develop/consolidate these applications, with the concern to keep it of simple use and in continuity with the previous version. But don't hesitate to ask me for clarifications if necessary.
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    Hello Dolfiman,

    After months/years downloading all the versions of your Spreadsheet Application, I am having now at last a little time to have a look at it. I just wanted to say thank you!! What an amount of work, and fantastic job you have done!!! Thank you very much, I am just begining to understand the tip of it, but it is being of great help to explore some ideas I have.

    Thanks and kind regards from Spain
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