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    I am pleased to propose you this new ugraded version of Gene-Hull application for Sailboat. This upgrade 3.0 includes mostly the following improvements :
    • the « E » sections formulation (E for Elliptical like) is generalised and the combination VE can now cover all kind of shapes from classic V to modern U ones.
    • The « V » sections formulation is itself extended and can now includes tumblehome shape if required,
    • The bow profile and its fore foot can be fine tuned thanks to a new parameter « Kbrion » in addition to « Cet » one.
    • The scow bow possible shapes are broader thanks to a new parameter « PuiScow » in addition to « Scow » one.
    • 3 types of keel are proposed : inverted L, inverted T, fin keel of high or low aspect ratio without bulb.
    • 2 types of rudder are proposed : suspended (1 or twin rudders), with a skeg
    • the stability study can be done with a specified loading and for any heel angle up to 180° , allowing to build the complete Gz curve and to identify the angle of vanishing stability AVS.
    • A specific sheet « Offsets x,y,z » is proposed , where all the geometrical output data are gathered and can be copy/paste for a transfer towards software tools oriented for engineering studies or 3D renderings.
    It is a free and open source speadsheet application, developed on a support itself free and widespread (Open Office Calc 4.0.1) : to open and use an ods file, you need either Open Office or Libre office on your PC, if necessary to download according to : ODS File Extension - What is an ods file and how do I open an ods file? | OpenTheFile

    Also attached are :
    • The User Guide giving all definition and information on the role and influence of each input data with illustrations + examples and explanations about the output data.
    • Examples, i.e. 17 sailboats early stage projects covering a broad range of typical designs, classic and modern. For the first one named V1, steps of the loop design which can be done with Gene-Hull are detailed : Hull and appendages definition, Sailplan definition, Preliminary mass spreadsheet, Stability study of the heeled sailboat with its payload. The input data for V1 are in place in the « Gene-Hull » sheet of the file, the input data of all 17 examples are also on the « Hulls storage » sheet and can be copy/paste .
    • The formulations involved for the hull generation, including the intermediate coefficients and numerical examples for checks.
    The interface format and most of the input data are identical to the previous versions, so you should easily jump in this new version with your previous results.

    For the beginner : it is recommended to first test the influence of each adimensional parameters, without changing the geometrical data, to see and learn about the influence of each one, in conjunction with the explanations given in the User Guide.

    For the more advanced user : you can take advantage of one of the 17 examples showed in the « Examples » document, of which input data are stored in the « Hulls storage » sheet , to start a new project.

    By hoping this new version can be helpful for your early stage projects. Under construction are 2 post applications , a VPP one , a STIX one, in line with the data provided by Gene-Hull, in order to add 2 more steps to the loop design.

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    Thank you Dolfiman.
    Your Gene-Hull is extremely powerful as a design tool and becoming increasingly so. The contribution you have made to the thorough analysis and understanding of the Corbin 39 would in all likelihood not have been possible without using Gene Hull.
    regards, David/pb
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    Thanks David for your kind words, it has been instructive as well as a pleasure to collaborate with you on the Corbin 39 analysis, and moreover stimulating new developments for Gene-Hull ending up with this 3.0 version.
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