Gene-Hull Catamaran 3.0 and SA-VPP catamaran 1.0

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    I am pleased to share with you a new version 3.0 of Gene-Hull application dedicated to sailing catamaran early stage project + a new « SA-VPP Catamaran 1.0 » application for the performance estimation, attached.

    Within « Gene-Hull Catamaran 3.0 » :
    ** the Hull sections generation is simplified, based on « E generalised » shapes (E for Elliptical) where parameters can now be variable with x, well adapted to generate a wide variety of hull shape for a catamaran,
    ** a 3D isometric view of the hull is now also output,
    ** the heeled catamaran study can be done with a loading and any heel angle up to the emergence of the windward hull. The output data are detailed for each hull (leeward and windward ones) as well as for the catamaran as a whole, and can be used to fulfill the set of input data necessary for « SA-VPP Catamaran 1.0 ».
    ** A specific sheet « Offsets x,y,z » is proposed , where all the geometrical output data are gathered and can be copy/paste for a transfer towards software tools oriented for engineering studies or 3D renderings.

    « SA-VPP Catamaran 1.0 » is a spreadsheet application about the prediction of the catamaran speed, heel angle and displacement repartition between the 2 hulls (leeward and windward one), for 3 typical sailing conditions, by wind 4 to 20 Knots.
    - Upwind on calm water
    - Beam reaching, twa 90°
    - Downwind with spi, twa 135°

    This application can be used stand alone, in complement to any other software used for the project development and providing the necessary data. Or as a complement of « Gene-Hull Catamaran 3.0» application.

    The main goal of these 2 applications is to provide tools to optimise a project at its early stage definition.

    It is a free and open source speadsheet application, developed on a support itself free and widespread (Open Office Calc 4.0.1) : to open and use an ods file, you have to download Open Office or Libre office according to :
    ODS File Extension - What is an ods file and how do I open an ods file? | OpenTheFile

    In the User Guides attached, you will find all information necessary about input data to prepare and output data and figures provided.

    Also attached an Example document covering both applications.

    By hoping this can be helpful for your projects.

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    Bravo Dolfiman! Great to see your projects develop further!
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