Gel coat compleat hull above water line

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    Ok it’s been a couple months and I’m still locked in snow. Fortunately there are lots to do on this boat and I have the ability to design. Putting in wash down pump and hose system and purchase 6 new rod holder by Canon, 2 new down riggers, new rub rail, designed a fillet board constructed out of UHMW with 2 collapsible legs that will go into tr receivers for the rod holders. All my tapes ( multiple widths) all 3m recommenced for this gel coat are gust sitting and waiting.
    Still reading and preparing and getting items fixed in .
    Not going to do any sanding until the weather gets conducive for me to start on top to bottom sanding. This way I won’t skip a spot and I can cover it up with plastic as I go.
    First step will do a complete wash down on the haul to remove and oils and contamination that may exist prior to sanding, inspection of all the misc inperfections and then let the work begin
    Figure it’s going to take me a good week plus to fix misc chips, sand, and wipe down.
    I purchased a large party tent to be used as my paint booth along with black plastic that I can use as a heat collector .
    I really getting excited about this project as time growers near.
    Hopping for a May shoot in and around my fishing trips already planed.
    It’s great being retired with nothing to do.
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