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    I have a gearbox on the end of a 6 cylinder engine I don't know the make but when I have the gear lever in the neutral position the prop still rotates.

    I realise now why I have had difficulties docking as the prop is still running when it shouldn't.

    The gearbox doesn't clunk into gear but rather has a smooth take off.

    I am of the impression that it may have a clutch arrangement. Is it common for small gearboxes to have clutches?

    I don't want to pull it apart if I don't have to and if it is a clutch drive the gap between the plates will increase with wear and overcome the problem by itself.

    However if it is a gear drive I may have to strip it and increase the clearances.

    Incidently it is a timber boat and is a Hartley design.

    Thanks for any info.
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