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Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by mwsBlake, May 5, 2014.

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    I have a 1986 Ranger 370v bass boat with a 150HP Johnson 2 stroke motor. I need all new gauges and wondering if someone could help me find them. I don't care what size/color/brand they are since i am building a custom dash. I just need the right ones for my motor.

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    There are a number of companies selling marine grade gauges. I'll assume you've checked out "", as I suggested back in January and now you are just interested in whatever is available?

    With a simple search you'll find dozens of gauge types and styles from several manufactures. Have you looked a Teleflex? Stewart Warner, VDO?

    There's tach, temperature, fuel, tilt and all the "usual suspects" in terms of gauges, so frankly I don't understand why you're having difficulty finding them. Granted, West Virginia may not be the boating capital of the USA, but there's plenty of places to get them, as well as ordering online.

    [​IMG], full retail and about $150 bucks. This kit has most of the common sending units included.
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    Back in 1987 there may also have been an ammeter. Faria has that too.
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    Faria as well as everyone else has a full compliment of gauge choices.

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    You can also order direct from the manufacturer. I picked up a number of gauges from the Faria clearance store. Called them up and they shipped them right out. The gauges offered in the clearance store change frequently. For instance there are no tachometers shown today but look tomorrow or next week and you might well find some. My guess is that they look at what's taking up too much space in the warehouse and determine what to offer at clearance prices.

    Here's a link to the store.....

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