Gato Especial Catamaran Adventures

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Alexis_greece, Nov 9, 2009.

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    Alexis_greece New Member

    Doug Lord...... hip that I wrote above .... said he will make the plans ... but still nothing.

    Manie B. ..... you have right. My sait is too slow. Not suitable for dial up connection but is a gift of a friend ..... I intend to change.
    I will try to upload and here.... the building consumes all my free time. Aslo my Gato is 2.6 meters width not 2.4 :)

    Thank you all for your response will come back if I have some news .... or something to upload..... or something to ask:D
  2. Manie B
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    Manie B Senior Member

    that i agree with - but i have ADSL broadband and 7.5 gigs per month

    and your site is still SLOW :D :D :D

    stay away from the fancy tools to load pictures go "primitive" :cool:
  3. rayaldridge
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    Chris and I have had some unpleasant exchanges, but it's hard for me to believe he's deliberately stiffing the builder. He might have some personal issues that are slowing down the progress of the plans.

    I have some sympathy with his situation, because I also began offering plans for Slider before they were finished. I'd been sailing the prototype for a few months, and writing about her online, and a number of folks had asked me about plans. I really hadn't decided to draw formal plans at that point, but there seemed to be a lot of interest in the concept. So eventually I did the first couple of sheets, and told the interested parties that I'd sell them the plans and send what I had, with the rest to follow when finished. Anyhow, I ended up selling around ten sets of plans before they were completely drawn.

    A couple of builders got ahead of me a little, but I was able to provide enough information to keep them going while they waited for all the sheets and the building manual. But I can tell you that it was with great relief that I finished all the sheets and manuals and sent them off to the builders, who had been very patient with me. The plans ended up taking about 5 months to draw.

    If the little cartop cat I've been building turns out to be a nice boat, and I decide to draw plans, I think I'll finish them before offering them. The other way is too stressful.
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  4. Chris Ostlind

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    This has been an interesting journey; my work in boat design, as well as reading this thread.

    Ray has made the most cogent of remarks when he suggested that there might be some personal problems with which I am working to overcome. I've always thought it important to be completely honest with my life and how I deal with others. To that end, I will openly share with the members here that I have been struggling with some things for a very long time.

    Recently, I went to the doctor and after many tests, have been told that I'm dealing with clinical depression. I have been given a prescription and it is having a positive effect on my outlook on things, especially my design work and the way in which I interact with people. This is a serious condition and not a simple, "well, just get on up and dust yourself off", kind of issue. If it were that simple, I would have long ago changed things for the better.

    I have written a long letter to Alexis explaining the situation. I have also supplied him with six new sheets of drawings specifically dealing with the design, layout and operation of the centerboard for the Gato Especial, as well as how to construct the centerboard from raw stock. There are more plan sheets on their way.

    I'm not going to get into the process, or history, of how I handled my work in the past when things did go sideways, as I can't go back and make it any different than it is. I can make things different today, as well as in the future and have already taken steps to do so. Suffice to say, I wish to apologize to any and all persons who have been inconvenienced in the past by my inability to fulfill your expectations.

    I look forward to doing a proper job of my commitment to my craft and ask that you give me a chance to set things right, now that I know what is going on.

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  5. redreuben
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    redreuben redreuben

    by going to your doctor and getting a diagnosis you have taken the hardest but most positive step you could have. Depression is in my family, my sister lives with it and diagnosis turned her life around, unfortunatley my father went undiagnosed and in retrospect we all wonder what could have been.
    It is clear from your renderings that you have a wonderful eye for design, so hang in there man.
    All the best,
    Redreuben P.S I am told this site is among the best for quality info Cheers.
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    Tiny Turnip Senior Member

    A courageous post, Chris. You have my respect.


  7. Chris Ostlind

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    Thanks to Adrian, RR and all who have sent offlist letters expressing your kindness.
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