Gas from Water, (WaterFuel), HHO technology

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by brian eiland, May 15, 2006.

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    "No one will ever see any of this technology developed ... if it is developable. They are already stating that the corporations and government will buy up the license. "

    Nonsense , the price of energy is a pain all over the world , and lots of folks are using BIG government bucks looking for solutions.

    Some are continuing scams , Ballard Power & their "fuel cells" have been eating millions from investors for years , with nothing but news releases to show to suckers , ooops I mean investors.

    Fear not , when ANYTHING rational is developed , an entire world awaits to profit from it.

    The inventor MAY get serewed , as was the gent that invented the modern radiator overflow refill setup.
    Every mfg in the world has switched as a radiator . without air entrained is 25% more efficent.

    Making every radiator 25% smaller is probably worth billions to the worlds mfg , so was stolen instantly.
    The huge areas of the world that do not recognise property rights , will be the first to seize any advances.

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    yipster designer

    meanwhile it would be nice to split water cheaper than trowing penlites in a glas of water to demonstrate
    for real hydrogen power dont forget
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    I wouldn't be so hard on Ballard there. Yes, they are losing a lot of money. But their reason for existing is not to turn huge profits- their mission is to put together enough knowledge, enough people and enough interest to get a fuel cell industry going. There are a lot of technological hurdles to be overcome before fuel cell technology can be commercially viable, and this kind of research can't succeed when every quarter has to post a profit. Would investors- and I mean the knowledgeable venture capital variety, not the kitchen table variety- still be supporting the company if the technology were going nowhere? I don't think so. Ballard's work, along with that of Stuart, Hydrogenics, etc. is on the verge of being commercially viable, to the point where Iceland has proposed using the entire country as a real-world proving ground for these technologies. Consider Ballard's Mark 1030 one-kilowatt cogeneration modules, which can be combined into banks to provide the heat AND electric needs of houses, at fairly competitive prices relative to conventional sources. These aren't pie-in-the-sky technologies anymore, and while there's still a lot of money to be spent on development before things turn profitable, this sort of work is making considerable progress.
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    I actually know something about the subject at hand unlike anybody that has commented on this thread and it is based on years of research. Knowledge is experience.

    The second law does not apply to an open system and the system is open because water is the fuel source. All free energy devices, as they are referred to, work the same way in that they convert mass into the atomic energy contained within the mass.

    O3 and steam are mixed to form H2O2 which has a molecular bond angle of 109.28 degrees. Dr. Puharich stated that he changed the bond angle to 109 degrees on his you tube videos prior to his untimely death.

    Stan Meyer's "air gas processor" was a laser ozone generator and his magnetron powered steam generator is plainly visible in the photos and notes.

    H2O2 is a rigid molecule which will "shatter" (Dr. Puharich) or "fracture" (Stan Meyer) in an ultrasonic resonant cavity. The process is known sonofusion and cavitation produced by a standing wave is the acceleration needed to convert mass into the atomic energy contained within the mass. Electron cascade is what causes the glow and is the result of that conversion.

    To apply the second law to the entire universe would be a bit heady since nobody knows what they don't know, except the uneducated, insane magical thinkers which make up most of the people that comment on this subject one way or the other.

    It is not a chemical process however chemistry does occur. The knowledge of this and other processes are suppressed for economic reasons. Anyone that really thinks science is an open and honest profession hasn't been paying attention. Anyone that thinks the government is actually trying to find an alternative to carbon doesn't know anything about government or the energy business.

    There is enough oil under just one island in Alaska to supply the US for the next 200 years. We would bind all the Earths O2 to carbon long before we ever used up all the oil available.

    Water fuel is the perfect solution since the O2 coming out the exhaust is around 28%. On a good day in the right place, the O2 level in the air you breath is 14%.

    The O2 level on Earth back when they started measuring it about 170 years ago was around 28%. We are suffocating on the ignorance and corruption of the masses and elites respectively.

    There are safer and better ways to derive motive power from the conversion of mass into atomic energy.

    The round isotropic tank is the perfect resonant cavity. "All things become possible with the round form." - Tesla.

    Piezo is the perfect mechanical driver for that isotropic chamber as it is cheap, reliable, proven, requires little energy, unregulated and available to the masses.

    The Tesla manifold was a linear cavitation device capable of doing the mass to atomic energy conversion. That would be an interesting way of powering a boat since Tesla most likely used it to power his Tesla turbine which is designed to not be destroyed by the fusion bubbles that are so destructive to propellers, turbine blades or anything else they are slammed into.
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    First of all, thanks for opening up a dead thread that has no bearing on anything at all.

    Secondly, I will tell you the same thing I tell everyone that comes here with claims of new energy.

    Go finish inventing/developing it. Make an engine that will run a 75' fishing vessel. Install the engine in the Vessel and let me run it for 2 weeks.

    If you do this, and if the engine/fuel actually dose what you claim it will do. I will refit our intire FLEET with your invention/fuel.

    Untill then however. You dont have **** and I dont care.

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    good to open up an old thread that has bearing on clean energy, perhaps better than to jet over to Copenhagen.
    and as i see it, its certyainly relevant specialy to ships and boats since they sail on water
    i'm only a popular scientist or how do you call it, with limitid chemical knowhow but on H fusion i have some experience
    5 years back looking at my props and after some reading i too came to the same idea, that caviatation at the prop is fusion eh?
    yes i find this very interesting. pitty the world often thinks it means ****
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    Since water is fractured into the component gasses during cavitation and one of those gasses is singlet oxygen, then one would reasonably expect that a magnetic field would repel the fusion away from the expensive propeller since it is a magnetic atom.

    It would be interesting to see if a strong neo magnet would prevent pitting on the faces of a propeller that tend to cavitate - especially the tips of large ship screws. A spinning mass capable of holding permanent magnetic field tends to get stronger just as a piece of soft iron on a lathe tends to magnetize so I don't think the magnetic field strength would diminish over time.

    People that think it means **** generally have no power in this world and people that suppress it generally have a great deal of power.

    K9 was not interested in discussing alternative propulsion, he was interested in telling me he owned, (or works for someone more likely) a 75' boat and a "FLEET" of them. I just translate K9's comment into "I am short, powerless, have a tiny ***** to match my tiny brain and prove it whenever I can."

    It is the common thought agreement that the masses tend to share that they have no power that makes it so - to think is to be. We could change the world in a weekend if people only owned their own thoughts or were capable of critical thinking. Pain has a way of doing that and as the pain of paying a carbon tax on a planet that is getting colder, not warmer, will motivate the masses.

    They came up with global "warming" because it is the antipode of the truth and the big lie is how the pitchforks are deceived in the media. If the government told them the Earth is going to go through a normal 12,982 year ice age cycle and people will pay anything to keep from freezing to death, so we are going to tax and regulate all carbon combustion including your fireplace for profit, there would be a revolution. They tried this crap back in the 70's and claimed the earth was going into an ice age. In 1959 there was no sea ice during the Arctic summer as I recall.

    A 5000 times overunity water heater would be a game changer though. Heat your home for a nickle a day using a device costing less than $500 bucks that an idiot could build.
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    well, i wanted to claim something too :D
    read more on imploding lightemmitting bubbles here:

    looking at my props i counted two and two together and said 5 years back, cavitation at your prop may well be H fusion

    but okay, not claiming anything so lets say i'll have that H fusion under investigation
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    And you were right Yipster. Cavitation is an accelerator and all free energy devices convert mass into the atomic energy contained within the mass through acceleration.

    The law of force (F=MA) has three exceptions - one of which is if the mass is moving at or near light speed.

    A copper penny has enough atomic energy stored in it to power New York City for a day.

    Einstein claimed that a gallon of water contained enough atomic energy to run a freight train around the Earth 3 times. Einstein was off a bit since a gallon of water has the atomic energy equivalent of over 50 million barrels of oil.

    Boats are floating on a sea of fuel. Admiral Griffin who was the head of science for the British Navy saw water fuel demonstrated and was well on the way to using it when Meyer died.

    For all the 12 year old's that have attacked my comments, here is a report by Admiral Griffin. When your resume matches his, I will stop dismissing you as idiots trying to bully the smart kids into doing your homework. Griffin's report is attached and the high points of his resume is at the end of the document.

    What Griffin didn't reveal is the laser ozone production, that cavitation produced in a piezo resonant cavity is used to bond cleave the H2O2, the magnetic separation of the extra oxygen atoms which lower the energy state of the reaction or that the weak hydrogen bond can and is broken with a high voltage spark during ignition.

    You can attach a high voltage between the flame and torch head of a HHO torch to see the hydrogen bond broken as it will double the flame size.

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    As a general rule, when they even say "Tesla" or "HAARP", just to be on the safe side, increase your personal space. This guy is way beyond that but, generally, the only way these people can get at you would be to sell their Star Trek memorabilia for air fare - you know thats not happening (besides, one can't get a foil hat past TSA).
    ****, I forgot about the orgone powered time travel machine...
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    "Fuel prices are putting you out of business,"

    Not really , they have dropped by about 1/2 in a year .

    If any of this dream SI FI worked we would be seeing it on aircraft ,
    Huge fuel users , although quite efficient on a seat per mile basis.

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    If you would limit yourself to some intelligent conversation/contributions rather than claiming everyone here stupid in every posting of yours you might gain some more credibility. As it is you are making most readers nauseated.
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    You live in NewYork dreaming of your Blackbird. This is fine. But you are the one who bring the stupid factor here.
    Who do you think you are? a fisherman in Florida? no, but you are a real jerk like we can find by the thousand. The advantage of the thousand is they are not in the forum. We have one who decided to come (you) with is Blackbird. Please, go back to :?: I don't know where, but go back fast.

    The quarktoo factor of stupidity is abyssynal (you like my spelling :p )

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    Oh, oh,

    that must have been a nightmare of a childhood.....................

    You misspell "quack too" btw!
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