Gas from Water, (WaterFuel), HHO technology

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by brian eiland, May 15, 2006.

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    Just keep singing that mudslinging song, you make my point with your every post.

    About that psychotic projection I mentioned... Here is your tag line:

    Whole industries, government and economies are formed out of people. You seem to think you are superior to all of them including me and then you project on others, too unconscious to even know you are and too stupid to even know you prove it every time you click on post.

    The only thing that is accurate is how stupid people think ignorance is a virtue as I stated previously. You live in an inverted sense of reality.

    BTW - You look very much like Saddam only Saddam was not an alcoholic drunk as you clearly are from the broken veins in your face. - more projection.
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Short memory

    Did you remember this topic on emission ?
    i presented there strong evidence that water is used as a fuel since at least 1929 and in 2009 by most car makers recycling water from exhaust...

    Reader will notice the global behaviour that consist in ignoring these facts or suggesting clever answers like injecting coca-cola instead of water.

    This is not in favour of loyalty to the water subject but rather looks like lobbying and obscurantism.

    Sorry, just the facts.
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    WARNING! Real facts in this thread will be met by a great deal of opposition except by me and a few others that are not here to troll.
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    "slander of a psycho" - I think he just called himself a psycho! (224) Quick, let me get two springs and wind them together. "cosmic energy, Cosmic energy,..cosmic..
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Mark, Do you feel that much uncomfortable or just frighten by science and the universe unknown energies to behave like you do ?
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    When I first joined, I couldn't understand why sensible people disliked you so much. I thought that you were harmless enough with your free energy promotions and really, who buys that load, anyway?
    No, I am not frightened by science but there is no science here. I don't know, maybe if a guy went back and dug through everything in this thread, he could find a tidbit of an invention that was real but does the fact that about the only people that buy into this are those that didn't go to school bother you?
    I don't know you but I have seen your postings and I can assure you that as much as you think that I am an unreasonable, "unenlightened" jerk, I think that, perhaps, people like you got a little too much "enlightening" (Timothy Leary style - you know, "science is a metaphore", "Turn on, tune in, drop out.") at some point. Do you also notice that I have never said a word to you? I just let you go on with your praddle because I didn't feel a need to embarrass you. This Quark fiend, however, came out swinging and I have known people like him ( I volunteered at a mental hospital teaching swimming - really!) and I have come to have no interest for the seriously deranged and delusional violent ones. I don't owe him respect. I don't owe him anything and the sooner he is gone, the better for everyone - especially gullable souls such as yourself.
    I don't need to further talk to you. I won't harass you. What say we just leave it alone? Take a free stab, if you want. I won't respond unless you attack more than once. Okay?
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    Would there be any way you could not troll me and anyone else that wants to discuss science here?

    BYW - The science Dave and I were trying to discuss while being trolled was covered by two men named Lee and Yang back in 1957 when they won a Nobel prize for it. I'm sure you must be much smarter than two Nobel prize winners...
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    A good master has a recreative sleep with one eye wide open and a sense for the faulty incidents coming up!

    I try to be a good master.
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    CDK retired engineer

    From Kong Fu, David Carradine I presume....
  10. apex1

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    No idea about that.........
  11. mark775

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    Grasshopper leave footprint on ricepaper!
  12. apex1

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    Oh, ja, got it now, Kung Fu!

    No I thought I was referring to a job known as Captain in our countries.

    Thanks for the ricepaper hint Mark!
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    Quarktoo, I've been reading the discussion, but pretty much left it, at least for now. The reason I left is that is that your latest response to my post discouraged me and I don't see how we can make any progress in a discussion. I offered you two different arguments on our disagreement. The first was a pointer to a knowledgeable authority (an authority that you first brought up) showing that this source agrees with me. The second was a logical proof that the closed-system version of the 2nd Law logically implies the whole-universe version of the 2nd Law. You ignored both. There was no explanation of why the source that you yourself brought up becomes unreliable when he disagrees with you, and there was no attempt to show an error in my proof. You just ignored it.

    Also, other postings here have shown that you will not accept physical evidence as reported by anyone who disagrees with you. Instead you will insist that the person reporting the evidence must be doing so in bad faith, that he is involved in a conspiracy to hide what you view as the truth.

    What you give me is off-hand references to obscure persons, effects and devices with your personal assurance that these references prove certain things. And when it is your word against all of established physics, I'm sure you can see why I can't just take your word for it --or the word of some random guy on the internet.

    So on the very first issue we tried to discuss, the nature of the 2nd Law, we are at an impasse. It seems that you cannot be persuaded by logical proof, knowledgeable authority, or experimental results from established scientists and I cannot be persuaded by personal assurances, or experimental results that cannot be replicated outside of the original experimenter's garage. Given this, I don't know where else the conversation can go from here.

    As I've said before, skepticism is a great thing. I think there are far to few skeptics around. Far too many people treat science like a religion and scientists like high priests who have a direct pipeline to Truth. But even if scientists are human beings and prone to error, they are also experts in what they do and basically as honest as anyone else.

    How you can think that thousands of scientists every morning check their kid's algebra homework for them, kiss their wife goodbye, listen to oldies on the way to work, and then go into an office to participate in a global conspiracy to hide free energy from the masses --well, that's just unbelievable to me. I've known lots of these guys and they are just normal guys. Smart, but normal guys.

    So I do not understand how you come to the conclusions that you do. You seem willing to take the word of any random guy working in his garage with a web page. It makes no difference to you that this is one guy against thousands, that this one guy is a complete amateur who is not only going against the experts but doesn't even bother to listen to learn what the experts know, that the one guy doesn't have any real corrective mechanism for error while the scientists are constantly evaluating and correcting each other. I just do not understand what makes you believe the one guy.

    What we seem to have here is a fundamental disagreement on epistemology. Epistemology is the philosophy of evidence and knowledge, and how we come to know what we know. Your epistemology seems completely alien to me. And no doubt, mine seems completely alien to you. With this barrier between us, I can't imagine how we could have a fruitful discussion.
  14. quarktoo
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    Hi Dave,

    Sorry to hear that. You have tried to be a gentleman and a scholar in your every post and I admire and respect that. This is not an environment where fruitful discussion is even possible and I allowed myself to become defensive and thus controlled to some extent by the least among us. I apologize for that. My frustration with the magical thinking of learned helplessness is palpable.

    To be honest, with all the noise and the time lag, I am not even sure of which knowledgeable authority you are speaking of OR the context of the unreferenced assertion. I had devised a different plan to get us on the same page.

    I felt that rather than cite what others had taught you and had become a belief for you, I would show you something through the empirical science and reason that you may not understand. In reality, the process would have only created more questions for you which I thought would be healthy.

    While most people would dismiss Leedskalnin's coil as the work of a simpleton, that is the pretentious seed of insanity that springs forth in universities of science all the way down to someone like Mark. (I will explain that more in a moment.)

    That coil can be explained through the work of Dr. Lee and Dr. Yang. Uneducated people throw words like vacuum energy around like it is a holy grail of free energy even though they have no knowledge of it. Educated people tend to consider it as pseudo science even though they also have no knowledge of it.

    At some point, I would have had you place an amp meter on the coil and notice that it reads a negative amperage in a perpetual state, compressing that spring inside the meter even though there is no amp flow. I felt a light would go on and you would realize that you had just open a path to the vacuum energy field and could see that the pathway was open in a perpetual state.

    We tend to use the fluid dynamic analogy of water in a pipe to teach basic electricity. The negative amps on the meter, is a "vacuum" in the pipe. The end of the pipe is located in another dimension of time created by superluminal acceleration. This is why a vacuum energy generator does not produce heat and runs cold. We are not compressing energy, we are draining it.

    From there I planned to show how to potentialise that vacuum dipole to do work and then pose a question that would allow you to explore your understanding of the universe with eyes wide open, instead of the science based in belief and rationalized with circular thought which is not science. That is the insanity of common thought agreement or belief and disbelief. - (example - it's true because you and I BELIEVE it's true.)

    So while you didn't understand what I was up to, I had a plan and I did it for a reason. In order to deprogram a person, it is useful to gather all the energy and thoughts they have surrounding it and then create an epiphany that blows it all away in a single moment.

    This is helpful in the process as people locked in programming do not have the ability to self examine, they are too busy creating and or telling their stories . Fear is the bases of programming. Be an actor, not a reactor.

    You failed to cite anything specific and so I have no way of defending /debating the accusation and as such the statement is pointless unless you have something to back that up with.

    Uh huh... and my experience of you is that you are at times one of them. When posed with a simple experiment that would open your mind to a quantum dimension of free energy, you ran like a Mormon chanting bible verses all the way back to the University of Arizona.

    Usage of the word "unbelievable" noted. Belief and disbelief are magical thoughts used to deceive - stop that.

    I seem to recall the original experiment went like this:

    A banana was hung from the ceiling of a cage, a ladder placed below it and a few chimps placed in the cage .

    Every time a chimp tried to go up the ladder to get the banana, they would spray ALL THE CHIMPS with cold water. It was not long until none of the chimps would climb the ladder to get the banana.

    Next, they brought in a chimp that had not been programmed and when that chimp naturally climbed the ladder and get the banana, the programmed chimps attacked the new chimp to prevent themselves from being sprayed with water even though there was nobody around with a hose and it wouldn't have happened.

    Conclusion - It no longer required that the scientist program the chimp with the cold water, they began to program each other.

    Now if you look at the chimps in this thread, you see that the most dependent and fearful chimp is Mark. Like a well programmed chimp he has a fear of not fitting in or being isolated. He tries to project that onto me by saying go away and so on. That is why they act as a group and why they tend to speak for each other.

    Here is a quote from one of his posts to Kistinie when Kistinie asks him what he is afraid of:

    Notice how he is afraid of being isolated? He only feels safe when he is part of the trained chimp group attacking someone that is going after the banana. By doing what he was conditioned to do, he feels safe and empowered. He is trying to program Kistinie to stay away from the banana and prevent a critical mass outside the fear group.

    I on the other hand am the new chimp that jumps up on the ladder shouting here is how you get the free energy banana. The word free energy is powerful in these social experiments as it ironically represents the ultimate psychological banana.

    You can gauge the IQ and fear level of the individual chimps by the length of their posts. The shorter or less original their post, the less they are willing to risk for fear of ridicule, exposure of their fear driven personality, insecurity of being outside the safety of a group, less thought to express, etc.

    They are completely unconscious of their behavior and the driving force behind it since they were programmed as a very young person. They have never known freedom or love. They define love as I love you because you love me (exchange) instead of, love is a gift and it ended for me when it left my hand or lips. (gift)

    You cannot fix someone that has been programmed from birth to be a chimp afraid to get the banana but they are interesting to study.Their behavior is 100% predictable and they have taught me volumes about human development.

    Now if you don't think that does not apply to thousands of scientist, you are not one, nor have you ever worked in the field. Research grants will end forever for anyone that discloses or discussed free energy device information or simple cures for most diseases and that is a well known fact. That teaches scientist learned helplessness and the dogma of thermodynamics is pounded into the students from day one along with nonsense that perpetual motion is impossible.

    You cannot point to a single thing in this universe that is not in a state of perpetual motion without resorting to the programming that is in you. The notion that there is nothing beyond the speed of light is dispelled by that coil created by a sixth grader and powered by it. You can see it, you can measure it, you can touch it, it is empirical and undeniable. Don't be afraid of the programmed chimps here or elsewhere, they can't hurt you unless you are one of them.

    I come to the conclusion that he may be real based on the knowledge that it is possible to do, what he demonstrated and things he stated while doing it but then I know something about a space vacuum generator and you don't.

    He is saying and doing things that go right over your head such as:
    1. He places his hand on the inverter and states "Ice cold." He didn't say cool, he said "ice cold."

    2. It is stated that a single pulse is what is needed to start the device. If he figured that out he would be proud as he is a self trained electrical contractor.

    Lack of evidence or knowledge is not evidence and that is simply more circular thinking that you are using to deceive yourself.

    If you knew anything about the subject of using space vacuum to produce electricity, you would know that the devices will run cold because energy is being dumped from this time dimension into a superluminal dimension. The dipole is not destroyed and the most perfect dipole in the universe is another dimension of time beyond the speed of light.

    A single pulse is what in fact is needed to potentialize the space vacuum flow. I stated that if you did the experiment I would show you how to set that vacuum energy into motion. I will live into my promise and not disclose this information since you declined to climb the ladder and get the banana.

    While people normally starts these generators through a crude hit and miss process, if a person understands magnetics and electricity, a single pulse is all that is needed to start it.

    While it is a well known that the South pole of a magnet does not have the same lifting capacity of a North pole, that does not stop scientists from claiming that they are equal and that it is impossible to flux switch a magnet to produce a permanent magnet motor. Conversely, that does not stop people from inventing them and obtaining US patents under section 101. The granting of a patent under this section is dependent on a successful demonstration of the invention to a Patent Review Board. All of Meyer's patents relating to waterfuel were granted under section 101.

    Three years after the Wright brothers flew a heavier than air aircraft at Kitty Hawk, university professors were still teaching the dogma that heavier than air flight was impossible.

    It takes less than 1/10 of a gram to break the connection to the coil wires which will drop a 10 or even 100 lb weight attached, thus flux switching using an electromagnet powered by vacuum energy. That vacuum energy magnet can then be used to flux switch a permanent magnet - think it through.

    Again.. Lack of evidence or knowledge is not evidence and that is simply more circular thinking that you are using to justify learned helplessness.


    My epistemology is simple as truth always is. The ******** stories that people tell themselves to blame their fear on others are where the story gets complicated.

    1. Knowledge is experience
    2. There are things that I know and things that I do know know.
    3. I don't know, what I don't know.

    Things are rarely one thing or the other, rather they are one thing AND the other. Programmed chimps tend to pick sides and be binary since that is reacting and not acting.

    Another example is most people feel like there are only two choices available. I.e., I can choose white or I can choose black. There is always a third choice and that is choosing not to choose. The third choice is just as real as the other two.

    Mark, and a few others are the programmed chimps that will attack anybody for even talking about the banana.

    Dave is an educated chimp that will talk about the banana and reason with you why it can not be eaten.

    Kistinie is the hippie chimp that will offer you love if you go up the ladder and bring the banana down.

    I am the new unprogrammed chimp that jumped up on the ladder and tried to show you you can have the banana.

    We are all just chimps making our way through life searching for enlightenment that only love can bring. It you want to have free energy, you have be free energy. Kistinie is free energy and a being of pure light from what I observed in private messages - thanks for the feedback.

    I chose the username quark as it is an elemental building block of matter. My intent was was to run my social experiment one more time and deposit some free energy information in its various forms. It is all free energy related, one thing AND the other. I have learned and grown from the experience as some of you have as well.

    Pete Sumarack's representative is named Charolette. Her late husband was Feynmans good friend. The term quark was coined by Feynman. He let Gell-man who has a reputation of being a mean person take credit for it. Feynman said he couldn't be bothered, didn't need any more notoriety. Gell-Mann received a Nobel prize for his work on the quark model.

    Feynman gained notoriety during the demonstration of a free energy device known as the Papp engine in a parking lot of Cal Poly Tec. Feynman being a disbeliever that it was possible to create a free energy device unplugged the power cord to the engine that was supplying a small amount of power for the control.

    Papp tried to get Feynman to plug it back in for fear it would explode but Feynman refused and the engine exploded. The explosion killed a man instantly and badly injured several others.

    Papp sued Cal Poly and and the case was settled in Papp's favor and contained the usual non-disclosure agreement. Feynman did however tell the story again and it can be found out there in cyberspace.

    That was the epiphany that deprogrammed Richard Feynman. Prior to his death he and a few other scientists disclosed that Anarov Bohm effect is overunity on public television. Confession is good for the soul.

    The Papp engine has been reinvented by Rohner bothers and can be found here -

    The Papp engine is an example of a mass to atomic energy converter. The vacuum field generator is an example of a quantum time to energy converter. All there is, is space and time and I have enjoyed mine with you.

    Best wishes in the new year.

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    I sincerely wish you a short new year. Best of luck in attaining that!
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