Gas from Water, (WaterFuel), HHO technology

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by brian eiland, May 15, 2006.

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    brian eiland Senior Member

    I really haven't had the time to look at this technology very close, but several friends who thought I might be interested sent me a couple of eMails on the subject.

    I thought about posting this under the "New propulsion sytems for ships" thread but seeing as that one has gotten rather lengthy, and this technology may have many more aplications than just ships, I gave it a new thread.

    from a news source....
    Two particularly intriguing exhibits were the H2O 2000 gas generator machine, a revolutionary welding and cutting device, and...
    The generator is a little 160-pound gizmo on wheels that is powerful indeed. In the words of The Center for Strategic Alliance Inc., “we can now make fire from water.” The Center for Strategic Alliance Inc. is a small consulting business with offices in Hickman, Ky.

    This technology, with more than five years in research and development at Hydrogen Technology Applications Inc. (HTA), illustrates that the solutions to our energy and environmental woes may be in the common elements that surround us. The patented process safely generates a molecularly stable hybrid hydrogen/oxygen gas (Klein/HHO) on demand from water. The gas is extremely environmentally friendly in that it has no polluting subgases when burned and produces only pure water in vapor form. It is currently being used to cut, weld, solder and fuse such materials as metal, plastics, ceramics and glass in commercial as well as artistic applications.

    Unlike pure hydrogen gas, HHO gas remains highly stable, reducing the fear of explosions that often accompany pure hydrogen systems.

    This isn't just good new for welders. This technology is being adapted for a new breed of hybrid cars. I've been hearing claims like this since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, but this is the first time I have seen anything like this that is believable. Take the time to read the links. You, too, will be amazed, I think.

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    SeaSpark -



    When googling "hydrogen technology applications" i found in the first results:

    Some fake wiki:

    Dead link:

    Google cache from same dead link:


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  3. SeaSpark
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    SeaSpark -

  4. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    The electrolysis of water produces hydrogen and oxygen in atomic form. These can combine in various ways:
    Hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2)
    Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and hydrogen (H2)
    Hydrogen (H2) and ozone (O3)
    You get the idea. All you get is hydrogen and oxygen in various combinations, and always 2 H atoms to one O atom.
    The plain H2, O2 mixture is certainly not a stable one.
    Aquygen (tm) gas appears to be simply a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. The device appears to be not much different from the common electrolyzer that any first-year engineering student can whip up in two hours.
    Having said that, and cut through the bulls*it of their uninformed marketing types, I see a very capable welding machine that could be useful for a huge variety of tasks. If HTA were to market it as such, and not claim innovations that they clearly didn't make, credibility would be a lot higher.
    As for claims of revolutionary energy efficiency, etc. The first and second laws CANNOT be violated. Ever. So that energy has to come from somewhere- in this case the power grid, meaning it comes mostly from nuclear, coal and gas plants.
  5. StianM
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    StianM Senior Member

    Everyone beliving in hydrogen should sitt down and think about why we are not using it allready.

    I have critizised hydrogen so manny times and so manny places during the years that I don't even care to do it again.
  6. brian eiland
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    brian eiland Senior Member

    That was an interesting forum SeaSpark. I rather thought there was something quirky with this technology, but lacked the knowledge to evaluate it.
  7. Wellydeckhand

    Wellydeckhand Previous Member

    Hydrogen is the fuel for the sun, can be found almost everywhere in universe..... can be drawn from mineral, liquid or directly from air.

    The stuff help bomb blow bigger, help camera see heat........ make me sick.... cause need oxygen.

    Hydrogen is one of the vital component of organic stuff..... Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen..... concluded the class for elementary studies......

    Expensive equipment is needed, for instant, u need 120 thickness pipe rather the norm 40, stainless of course, can u imagine a car use flimsy metal pipe? Free B-B-Q I smell.....

  8. yipster
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    yipster designer

    wow, lots of new info and specially for boats that H+O is good stuff to explore
  9. nero
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    nero Senior Member

    In order for HyTech to realize its vision of becoming an alternative energy technology company, we intend to negotiate strategic relationships with third party companies and organizations that will participate in new product research and development, including joint engineering, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, promotion and customer support. HyTech in effect will become an intellectual property management company that will continue to own and control the underlying technology through licensing agreements, joint ventures and contractual arrangements with strategic partners worldwide.

    "Our commitment to the research and development and ultimately refinement of this technology is certain, because leading world governments and industry giants have made long term commitments to the research and development of hydrogen energy sources as the replacement fuel for the diminishing and polluting fossil fuels worldwide." - The Center for Strategic Alliance Inc

    No one will ever see any of this technology developed ... if it is developable. They are already stating that the corporations and government will buy up the license.

  10. PATDave2

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    Hey whats up people?
  11. StianM
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    StianM Senior Member

    unlike stupidety inteligense has it's limits
  12. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    I read the information. It is full of claims that are incomplete and misleading. HHO? give me a break! That's H2O= water in common parlance. They made an electrolytic cell that decomposes water into hydrogen and oxygen. When they combine again into water there is an exothermic reaction. The 10000 degrees are with "some materials" I assume that the oxidation of some materials like magnesium would reach such temperatures.
  13. stonebreaker
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    stonebreaker Senior Member

    It's a scam - you input energy to break a water molecule apart, then re-combine the elements to get the energy back out. Where does the extra energy to run the vehicle come from? It's a version of the ever popular perpetual motion machine.

    Commercial processes use steam to break apart natural gas (CH4) into hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The energy required to break the methane apart is less than that recovered when you burn hydrogen into water.
  14. yokebutt
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    yokebutt Boatbuilder

    They're right about one thing though, HHO gas is very stable.

    Brian, please read up on the second law and stop posting this kind of fraudulent drivel.


  15. brian eiland
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    brian eiland Senior Member

    You're right, I apologized on another forum and forgot to do so here.

    Sorry for posting this. I just had not read over any of the material on it and accepted it at face mistake.

    There are several interesting discussions at this forum by some rather 'brainy' guys on the chemistry and physics on this have to look on thru it to find them
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