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    Hi Members,
    I have been looking at the various topics in search of an aluminium (Aluminum USA) work boat based along the lines of a Flat bottom skiff and the Garvey, two boats hulls that I have found to be something along the lines are the Rogue Runner by Glen-L and a Garvey Workboat by Robert Stevens of which neither have I been able to find study plans of.
    My requirements construction wise are for aluminium, minimal build cost and time and to be built over or inside some type of former. The boat should have a flat bottom or slight deadrise with a bit of a bow but should be fairly rectangular when viewed from the top. Size wise 5.8 meters x 2.2 meters and to be able to stack one on top of the other for transportation.
    I have just seen the post by Loewman, that’s what I mean, but, two things, I would use two sheets, join them down the middle and create a slight deadrise and a bit of a bow. The other would be to have a transom recessed so as to carry the flotation further back, I must admit that I am not to sure as to what this would do to the handling and how it affects the boat getting up but it makes sense to create a bit more buoyancy at this point.
    Does any one know of study plans for a boat that may fit these requirements.
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