"Games" (or sims) that let you testdrive a boat in seastates?

Discussion in 'Software' started by black_sails, May 10, 2016.

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    For airplanes there is a game-ish simulation program called X-plane which actually does a Blade Element Analysis simulation of all the airfoils on your plane to actually model the forces acting on the structure accurately enough that even errors and design flaws have been uncovered by people modeling up their dream homebuilt and in some cases aircraft being designed for sale to the public. Letting them fine tune various details before money is ever spent to build and find things out the hard way. It only determines aerodynamics, not structural forces that might rip wings off or such, but it still is a first step in narrowing down and testing useful shapes.

    Is there anything remotely like this for boats and ships at sea? Whether sail or power, displacement or planing, that might let you shape up some special hull on a 60 footer, throw it in sea state 10 waves, and see how much of a handful it is for simulating a Drakes Passage run?
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