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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by bertho, Apr 1, 2015.

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    bertho bertho

    after 5 years sailing under tropic, , I cannot sail anymore :( ..... need to order complete new set of sails..$$$$$ :mad:
    the reason : the cloth sail (from Dimension polyant ), abusively call cruising laminate, heavy for extra "durability" ?? completly fall apart , like a multilayer paper... what a shame for the beautiful work done by the sail maker...
    like a early programed obsolescence , self destruction, some place is mildew between the layer, but most of the place just fall in part...
    avoid this product as much as you can if you want sail for few years !!
    detail on my blog
    best rgds
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    Welcome to the world of boats... Break Out Another Thousand... and that was before inflation made it break out another several thousand!

    In the non-tropics with less UV exposure and lower humidity 5-10 years is the lifespan for a laminate sail.
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    almost any synthetic material breaks down rather rapidly in the sun. And most natural materials as well.

    The most durable sail cloth is regular old Dacron (UV stabilized polyester fabric). All of the fancy high performance fabric, while offering performance advantage, break down much faster for your heavy investment. For recreational sailing, Dacron is the sail cloth to use.

    your supplier should have informed you of the much shorter life of the laminated or high tech fiber sail cloth. Or maybe they just wanted your money.
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