Fung Resistance And Power Prediction Method

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    Hello everyone! I have a presentation next week about Fung Resistance and Prediction method. I couldn't find the papers' of Fung. If someone has I will be happy.

    Fung, S.C. 1991 "Resistance And Powering Prediction For Transom Stern
    Hull Forms During Early Stage Ship Design", Transactions, Society of
    Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Vol. 99: 29-73

    Fung, S. C. and Leibman, L. 1993 "Statistically-Based Speed-Dependent
    Powering Predictions For High-Speed Transom Stern Hull Forms", NAVSEA
    051-05H3-TN-0100 : 71 + viii

    Fung, S.C, and Leibman. L. 1995 "Revised Speed-Dependent Powering
    Predictions for High-Speed Transom Stern Hull Forms", Proc. Third
    International Conference on High-Speed Sea Transportation (FAST '95):

    I am waiting for your messages:))))))))
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