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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Salmoneyes, Nov 13, 2018.

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    I received some great information regarding the stern design of that little Garvey flats boat. Thank you to everyone who contributed their input.

    I am submitting the idea to the architect, and now I need to make a crucial decision for the rest of the boat..

    I previously referred to this as a dinghy project... It is really more of a "tender" or small work boat. I will use it for much more than people moving and plan to haul tools and supplies and need to be able to beach them. So I am building a small barge that will fit on my poop deck when towing is inappropriate.

    I need as much flat storage space as I can get on the deck of this little work horse so it has an affect on the hull design..

    A flat bottom hull is common and works well with a slight modified V up front, but I really like this cat idea. Great for the full flat deck for hauling gear, and I get the benefit of less bottom slap and pounding.
    My new question is
    If you had one of these, would you run as a big single or two smaller units. Im looking at 40 to 50hp max. I want push and tow power... The smaller units are more manageable for me than one big monster.

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    With 40 to 50 hp and a load, don’t expect it to fly.
    You might be better off with a pair of low hp, high thrust motors than a big single that would be hard to prop correctly.
    A flat bottom will also be easier to beach and stow on deck, and cost way less, your illustration shows a quite complex bottom for a go slow craft.
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    I agree with kapnD and add that the 'cat like' bottom will also be more maintenance (access, paint, repairs, etc) than a simple V bottom.
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