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Fulmar 19 Trimaran FOR SALE

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by TCdude, Aug 28, 2013.

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    [​IMG]Sailboat FULMAR-19 Trimaran -2-person boat, (#8 of 20 ever built). Built in 1997

    Blazing fast, I've had it to 14 knots and cruised for hours at 8+ folding Akas.
    Carbon Fiber Roller-Furling Mast
    New Sail, 80 sq ft
    Custom Galvanized Trailer.
    Custom Rerouted Main Sheet
    SeaLeg, 4-knot Deployable Pedal Drive (SeaLeg)
    Rudder Control Levers in Cockpit

    This is a very comfortable boat to sail, you sit facing forward. You can sail for hours without hurting your neck and back. The boat is steered by two hand levers by simple pushing forward pulling back with very little effort.

    L.O.A. 19ft.
    Beam 11 ft. - Folded 6ft.
    Weight 260 lbs.
    Centerboard and SeaLeg up 6"
    Centerboard and SeaLeg down 18"
    You can set this boat up less than 15 min.

    I have only seen three sell in the past 4 years. One sold for $11500.00 with new paint job. The others sold between $8000.00-$9000.00. This boat is ready to sail with many upgrades and NEW sail. $9,000 value, asking $7,500. The boat is currently stored in Traverse City, MI

    Please look at the pictures of this boat and video I took sailing on West Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City Michigan.


    Contact, 231-947-5two71 - 231-947-five271
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