Full size boat/model relationships

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by graftonian, Sep 4, 2009.

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    Where can I turn to learn about the relationships between a boat model and the full sized end product?
  2. Paul Kotzebue

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    You can look up the Law of Mechanical Similitude in Skene's Elements of Yacht Design for the basic relationships.

    However, Skene's says "resistance varies as the cube of the (length)" which is not correct. Skin friction and residual resistance scale differently, and you'll have to go to a more advanced text like Principals of Naval Archtecture for those relationships and methods of scaling total resistance.
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    You do not explain why you are interested.

    I am writing a text book for students of mechanical engineering for whom an understanding of model testing is necessary. I recorded Froude's seminal work on this in Chaper 11. The book can be found at www.ivorbittle.co.uk

    If you do visit the site you might also read the article on bow waves where I look at the generation of these waves.

    Ivor Bittle

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