full restoration 1991 Chris craft 247 special

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    I have this 91 chris craft 247 special the floor was soft and deside to fix it well actually the floor ,stringers and transom are rotten :( .
    now I'm doing a complete restoration to it I remove floor , transom, stringer and any wood in the boat about 1480 LB it was wet wood and complite rotten ,so now I'm going with 1" honey comb stringer for the stringer high density foam coosa board for the transom and 15# foam for the floor I estimate about 400 lb in new materials new controlers new wires rebuit the engine new seats new interior so my question is can I get my money back after all this work ? If I deside to sale it ? the boat is word about $8500 and I'm planing to spend $8000, so this is a 25 'chris craft bow rider with a 454 gm engine for $16000

    here is some pictures of the project

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