Fuel Tanks, Batteries etc in same compartment

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Mat-C, Dec 5, 2012.

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    1. My bullets were steel jacketed lead, 140g., 7.62x54mm.

    2. An unjacketed lead bullet, or the more common copper jacketed ones, can still cause a spark. I've seen showers of sparks when a bullet hits a rocky hillside at dusk. In fact, we had a good brush fire a couple of years ago, that was started by an idiot shooting at an old motorcycle during our dry season.

    When a high pressure natural gas pipeline ruptures, it usually causes an explosion -- even without a separate source of ignition. Maybe it's because rocks get knocked together; maybe it's from static electricity. I've never known anyone who was close enough to watch and lived.....
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    I recently had an aluminium gas tank repaired . I told the client to replace the tank, but he resisted, convinced I was price gouging. Then the client got all bent out of shape when the welder told him that first he will cut the top of the tank off, gain access to the inside for cleaning , then repair the hole in the bottom, then weld the top of the tank back on.

    Dangerous stuff.

    On small craft the best tanks are disposable plastic. By disposable I mean that it is impossible to clean the inside of a small craft tank as it ages. Better to remove , heave the fouled tank into the dumpster and replace.

    Only tanks large enough to have manhole cover size inspection ports should be constructed of metal or integral.
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    This Frosty guy must have shares in emergency services or something.

    Go and look up the US Coast Guards own statistics.

    "Fires and explosions are two of the leading causes of property damage to pleasure boats, according to Department of Boating and Waterway accident statistics. Gasoline misuse causes most boat fires."

    For owners of boats tempted to follow Frosty and any other ignorant, self important amateur hour scientists, go and visit a local hospital burns unit.

    Sure, petrol and diesel are very forgiving sources of fuel, which is really lucky for the number of half witted fools that are allowed access to the stuff.
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    Facts --- The OP wanted to know if you can mix a fuel tank and a battery and motor in the same compartment. He DID NOT say it was leaking or old or that sparks were flying from relays and that a lunatic was shooting bullets at him.

    Stop eating cheese before you go to bed and think about the question asked of you.

    Nothing further was asked, no elaboration is required.
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    Yes you can cut tanks and repair them thank you Micheal. I do it myself cut and slice motorcycle tanks open , clean them and weld them back together, but you need a brain to do it.

    Burns dept in Hospitals sadly have children that don't understand or grown ups with similar deficiencies.
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    I'm always intrigued by your need to get personal, and insult other posters simply because their opinion should differ from yours. It must be an incredibly insular world you exist in where your never ever wrong no matter what the subject,,impressive

    However whatever your reason, dementia, cantankerous old age, bloody minded, broke and living under overpass I think you should change your poster name frosty to 'potty mouth'
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    Please Remember forum rules.

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    Copy, over
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    Does anyone remember TWA flight 800?
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    The flight the navy accidently didn't shot down with a stray missle that after it didn't get hit it lost the fwd section climbed several hundred feet...
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    Sure .... have you ever tried to keep two sailors from telling a story? Do, you have any idea how many sailors would have to stay quiet about that urban legend?

    Fuel tank. Over heating circuits/wires. Enclosed space. Vapors.

    Simple engineering ....

  12. watchkeeper

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    Did you read Nelson Demille's Wild Fire, he put an interesting slant on the event
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    Thank you for a sensible comment. As the old saying goes, two can keep a secret -- if one of them is dead....

    The notion that hundreds of US sailors, from flag officers down to still-wet-behind-the-ears deck apes, would blindly and meekly obey an order to keep silent on such a matter is pretty hard to swallow. As a veteran myself, I also consider such a notion an insult to our fighting forces.
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    Nope. What was his slant? Man pack nukes? Not on that flight.

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    Everything gets old and leaky. :(
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