Fuel Tanks, Batteries etc in same compartment

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Mat-C, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. watchkeeper

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    Again you make assumption, now assuming to know how I think, while being mistaken I cannot help but be impressed by your unlimited arrogance, or ego either way the size of it beggars belief.
  2. tunnels

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    IS better to have all this Information plopped in front of the the guy but at the end its reall his choice as to what happens !!
    So if in six months time something happens and hes in hospital suffering from burns you can have the satisfaction of saying" I TOLD YOU SO !!":(

    Its just people being them selves we dont like to be told what to do . As kids we would keep playing with matchs till ouch !!your fingers got burned !!.

    Like the wet paint sign its an open invitation for somone to put there fingers on it !! "ooh it is wet isnt it !!" we are all the same !!

    Like those silly signs on the road side saying this corner is 40kms hr so you go round at 60 and end up on the wrong side of the road fighting with the wheel !! then your wife gives you that look ( you know the one ) and says why didnt you read the sign ??
    So who's the stupid one then???

    You can make a bet with yourself that if you sharpen a knife your wife will cut her finger !! its happens every time without fail !!
    Dont keep banging your head agains the wall Frosty it will do you no good , just take a look at the posts i get shot at over trivial silly things . Just be polite and smile ,its to late to try and save the world ! dont give up and never give in one day some one will thank you i promiss ! :D:cool::p
  3. Frosty

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    This is a forum it is for discussion for and against we do definately do not have to sit here and believe without question some one with a book .

    To understand is far better than to know.

    Without people like me you would live in cave still.
  4. Frosty

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    Arrogance or is it confidence. You did not know that fuel injection pumps were in the tank did you. They all are.

    In your little red book it would explode --I suppose.

    You think even a tank near a battery is dangerous.

    Please let others discuss without disruption. We don't have time to discuss and teach you of progress at the same time.
  5. watchkeeper

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    You're becoming a boor and as other have clearly stated 'out of your pay scale'

    Why would you have discussion with another about a subject that even if you had ever heard of it previously have absolutely zero understanding of the concepts then still knowing nothing post an opinion on a forum then argue about it - totally bizzare.

    Honestly I don't think you're playing with a full deck, in fact I doubt you even own a (deck) boat let alone have any trade or professional maritime knowledge because you are exccessively defensive of your ridiculous theories yet refuse to listen to reason, all indications of someone postering with little substance.
  6. Frosty

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    A boor --what the hells a boor. ha ha.
  7. FMS
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    Explain 5 deaths, 99 injuries, and 135 fuel explosions damaging 154 vessels in one year then.
  8. tunnels

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    drop it !! stop needling and picking !!

    Drop it ! lets get on with what the post is about !! just accept we are all differant ! :(:confused::eek:
  9. watchkeeper

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    Look it up
  10. FMS
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    One point for discussion would be the volume of suction necessary to make a compartment safe from fuel vapors and the amount of ventilation necessary to clear any released battery vapors. Another point would be whether the compartment is separate from the rest of the bilge or connected for drainage and whether the small drainage holes would allow potentially explosive vapors to reach the lowest point in adjacent compartment(s). Water could diminish this flow depending on the boat's trim.
  11. Frosty

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    We have seen this link --there was one canal cabin cruiser that had a nondescript fire,--could have been a chip pan.

    The rest were offshore vessels and ships ,--mostly cruise livers.

    Lets keep to facts
  12. FMS
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    The USCG has statistics going back several years and these accidents were ruled "fuel explosions".

    BoatUS reports that 8% of boat fires are due to fuel leaks.
    source: www.boatus.com/seaworthy/fire/
  13. Frosty

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    Yes but not small recreational craft.

    Fuel fires 8%

    Electrical fire 54%

    Thats not a bad risk when unkown is 5%

    I wonder how many of those fuel fires were from silly cigarettes .-

    In other words if a human was'nt there it would not have happened so it was'nt the fuels fault.

    Facts please facts.
  14. watchkeeper

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    So we are all required to present facts while you make assumptions - figures
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    I've personally shot holes in several old automobile fuel tanks, Frosty, and had a couple of them explode. Why did they explode, when the others didn't? Because the mix of fumes and air in them was somewhere between the lel (lower explosive limit) and uel (upper explosive limit) for gasoline fumes.

    Translation: if the fumes are too light, there will be no explosion. If the fumes are too heavy, there will be no explosion. If they're somewhere in between, you're screwed.

    "How the hell is petrol going to explode near a 12-volt battery?" Simple: you get a small leak of fuel or fumes. Gasoline fumes are heavier than air, so they hang out in the compartment instead of dissipating. You come along and pull a battery connection, hook up jumper cables, or otherwise create a spark -- and everything goes up, including you.

    I have to wonder how you've managed to live so long, if you really have such a blatant contempt for common-sense safety. Maybe Otto Von Bismark was right; maybe God really does watch after idiots and drunkards.:rolleyes:
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