Fuel Tank Detonation Suppression

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by davronall, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. davronall
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    davronall New Member

    I am David Alleva with The Continuum Group Inc. We have a product called DSS which eliminates fuel tank explosions. Is there a need in the boating industry for such a product?
  2. safewalrus
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    safewalrus Ancient Marriner

    Depends on the situation but I guess there probably is (especially in some parts of it):cool:

    And welcome to the forum, please remember that whilst we would love to help in any project just don't try advertising or selling the damn thing to us (if any of us are that interested they will PM you) We don't do commercialism, or try not too anyway!;)
  3. yipster
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    yipster designer

    not to have fuel tank explosions is having the system proper designed and build and not to mess with it i learned
    you got me curious however over your product which eliminates fuel tank explosions, more info or a site perhaps?

  4. Ike
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    Is this another incarnation of the Vaporless Tank? see http://www.topdogsystem.com/system.html. These guys have been trying to sell theirs to the industry for over ten years. I know them, they have a very good product and it does exactly what they claim. They have sold a few, but for the most part the industry doesn't want it.

    The problem here is that whatever people use, not only has to be effective, it has to be simple and easily serviced by the boat owner and relatively inexpensive to replace. And as yipster said a properly designed and installed and maintained tank and fuel system is very safe. It is also easy to maintain and service and it can be done by anyone who can read a manula and has a modicum of skills with tools. The only real problem is that boat designers and builders are constantly hiding the tanks and hoses where people can't get at them, and that needs to change.

    So show us what you have and we'll give you our opinions.
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