Fuel Pump Issues

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by rticeiii, Jul 25, 2010.

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    rticeiii 68 imp oceanic V

    Hello I just got a 1968 IMP Oceanic V from my grandfather. Got it all cleaned up from sitting for 4 years and it will not start, but will with starting fluid. Checked the power and have 12v at fuel pump, but the fuel pump is not sucking. It is getting really hot, like it is seized. What type of electric fuel pump do i need??? I don't think it has the original engine. It has a buick 350 in it. Also, it has a dial in line with the pump to carberator numbered 1 to 5 (max) What is that for??? I can fix cars but boats is a new area for me.
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    The inline device is an adjustable fuel pressure regulator 1 least 5 most, not exclusively a marine part. It just contains a diaphragm and spring and is sold as an economy aid, but in my experience these are fitted when people have a problem with a fuel pump overpowering the needle valve {float valve ] in the carb and causing flooding ,so replacing your fuel pump with like for like may not be the best idea. Here in the UK ,Weber market a high volume ,low pressure, solid state pump [ no sparks] .which is ideal for a small v8 ,perhaps you can source one there. You must fit a large marine filter/ water separator before this pump ,and make sure that it has it's own fuse.
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    As far as I know, no one ever made a mechanical marine fuel pump for the Buick. If you have a carburetor of the same vintage, it needs no more than 5 PSI on the fuel. However, if the pump is not sucking, there is likely another problem. For example, clogged pickup line, loose or cracked fuel hose, stuck anti-siphon valve.
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