Fuel Prices Hurting Yet?

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by tom kane, Sep 2, 2005.

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    300 gal tank costs over $1,000 usd with a 3 fish limit ?

    this should slow things down in Florida
  2. Willallison
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    Mikey, Sure, petrol is more volatile than diesel, but the millions of petrol-engined boats that operate perfectly safely every single day would suggest that you're over-reacting just a whisker don't you think?
    The greatest danger to the safety of any vessel - regardless of size or type, are it's crew....
  3. tom kane
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    There is plenty of scope for improved boating saftey in the designs of today and yesterday,infact there is a lot of scope.This includes Gasoline,Diesel,LPG,or any other form of fuel.What I want and expect is complete peace of mind when steping aboard a boat in regards to fuel safety.I have no desire to travel in an outboard powered boat with hundreds of gallons of fuel under my feet,even if ther is no trouble most of the time.Why run risks when it is not necessary.
  4. Mikey
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    Mikey Senior Member

    I have seen quite a few cars burning along German motorways over the years (Autobahn). That's OK when you can stop and get out, a bit more difficult when you are in a boat.

    I assume that it is much more common to see burning cars along German motorways than in other countries because they have (had?) no speed limits. The sea has no speed limits and engine rooms on boats are often poorly ventilated, much worse than cars.

    Gasoline is OK for most people, don't think I could relax to 100% without having checked everything myself though. And I don't want to, maybe I have turned lazy but I simply don't want to go through the hassle of that now a days. Gasoline is not a good option for me. Maybe I am over-reacting.

    LPG is certainly not OK for me - and I don't think that I am over-reacting there. Its heavier than air so it collects in the bilge and the flash point is low. Could be enough to turn off a switch if you are unlucky, much more volatile than petrol. There is plenty to read on the internet and I don't like what I read.

    I would not touch a diesel powered car, don't like them, and I would not touch a LPG powered boat, but that is my personal opinion.

  5. tom kane
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    Try typing www.nz-immigration.co.nz in your address box.There is all the information you need.
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    Oil Prices, Oil Subsidies, very interesting

    I thought about posting this as a new subject thread, but when I read thru this one I thought there was some history in this one that needs repeating since we seem to relive it over and over.....like the continuation of these subsidies to the few MAJOR oil companies of the world even while ther HUGH profits should dictate that they should fund their own exploration/production just like any other 'for profit business' in this country.

    Dan Dicker, a CNBC contributor and the author of "Oil's Endless Bid" talks with Chris Hayes about why, year after year, legislators are unable to pass the repeal of subsidies for the oil industry, despite huge oil profits, public support for repeal and even open admission by oil executives that the subsidies are unnecessary.

    Listen about half way thru this video and you will hear both George Bush and all 5 CEO's of the major oil companies testifing before Congress that they do NOT need these subsidies

    Look at this graph she presents on this video as to what crude oil prices have done since 9/11
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    What is worth more, the fuel or the engine?
    Prices are not sustainable, I predice an industrial collapse is in the offing.

    Deflationary depression is what is needed to reset everything

    Some economists say we are already in one and the central banks are pumping in unsustainble money, the whole head is sick.

    Question is, if your in one, do you know it?
  8. BPL
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    Look at the price and weight of batteries or any other propulsion and you might conclude fuel is still a bargain even at $4 or $5 a gallon. You might even say it was artificially low before for the energy=work you get out of it. The market value exceeds the cost hence speculators are able to drive up the cost substantially.
  9. brian eiland
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    brian eiland Senior Member

    Well I'm over in Asia at the moment, and Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting:

    BANGKOK (AP) — Oil rose above $97 a barrel Tuesday in Asia, clawing back some losses after prices unexpectedly took a plunge the day before.

    Benchmark crude for October delivery was up 44 cents at $97.06 a barrel at midday Bangkok time in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract fell $2.38, or 2.4 percent, to finish at $96.62 a barrel on the Nymex on Monday

    Oil rises above $97 a day after price plunge - Businessweek

    Now I think the USA is seeing prices at the $120 a barrel range. Wonder what accounts for such a big difference??

    You don't think it has anything to do with the fact that big oil doesn't want to see the current President re-elected, do you :confused::rolleyes:
  10. BPL
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    What's in it for them to lower prices?
    Big Oil and all the speculators will squeeze every penny and .9 of a penny out of our pockets they can every chance they can get and then do it again tomorrow and the next day.
  11. hoytedow
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    hoytedow Carbon Based Life Form

    Let's get the ethanol out of our gasoline to improve quality and mileage and lower the price.
  12. Frosty

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    Buy electric then --you can buy one tomorrow. Here in Thailand im already seeing second hand Hybrids/. You can buy electric scooters/ motor bikes.

    You can put electric in the boat too.

    You can put solar on the house as well.-- stop whinging.

    Do you want me to hold your hand and take you to the Toyota Hybrid showrrom.
  13. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    You need to get out more some diesels pull like a 16 year old school boy --you cant not tell--drive one.

    Diesel is only 29 baht.

    Incidentaly I love ethenol fuel --I will drive out of my way to get it for my bikes --I can not tell what fuel they are on.
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  15. Mr Efficiency
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    Here is Australia LPG was an attractive option until govt couldn't resist the temptation to up the tax take on it.( After everyone came on board, of course). Now it isn't such a great deal.
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