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    Dear All,

    Good weekend! :):)

    Today's article is about a software that can generate cross section lines from an .IGES/.IGS file.
    Those cross sections can be station line, water line and also buttocks.

    The .IGS file used in this article can be downloaded from another thread: Automatically generate NAPA patch model
    标准船模曲面 犀牛.png

    The main process includes:
    1. Read in an iges/igs file.
    2. Define your interested sections, water lines or buttocks.
    3. Press run button to generate macro for AutoCAD.
    4. Run the macro directly in AutoCAD to generate polylines.
    Also we have developed some function to connect the discrete plines into one. In order to make the video concise and to the point, I just left them out, if you are interested you are welcomed to contact me.

    The final .dwg file in the attachment for your reference.
    Final State.png

    If you have any requirement please feel free to let me know.
    Maybe we can further cooperate and do something interesting together. :):)

    I am now working on ship design and also software development. For contact information please click my Avatar and check my profile info.

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