Freshwater System Design? - 1996 30' Proline

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ForReel, Apr 4, 2010.

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    Just found this awesome website, and looking for some info on how typical FreshWater (FW) systems are designed on sportfishing pleasure boats. For example, do they usually locate the FW pump in the tank? :confused: Do the pumps run dead-headed or do the have a pressure switch (don't think so, there is no accummulator tank?).

    I just bought a used 1996 thirty-foot Proline and need to fix a leak in the freshwater system between the tank and in-cabin sink and looking for basic information on how it is designed. The tank is under the aft berth and has a fill line into the tank, and three supply lines (head, cabin, and FW washdown on transom) and ther must be a vent line somewhere. I am afraid that in order to get to the FW line from tank to sink, I gonna have to remove the small refrigerator and/or draws under the sink.

    Would be nice to find some schematics on the FW system (as well as some electrical diagrams for my boat) before I start taking apart my boat and build my own drawings :D Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Just my own experience but from what I have seen there is normally a diaphram pump just off of the tank that moves water to a distribution network then to the use point.

    But this can be much more complicated, on demand pumps hold a static pressure in the line and only pump when the pressure drops, additional pumps can change the water pressure at the point of use, hot water heaters add a second complete line, or an on demand hot water heater installed at the point of use.

    Basically there are as many ways to set up a water system as their are an electrical one... My advice is just to spend a day with a flashlight tracing out the plumbing.
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