Freeship vs Freeship Plus ?

Discussion in 'Software' started by scottperkins, May 17, 2009.

  1. scottperkins
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    scottperkins New Member

    I am just starting out and notice that Freeship and Freeship Plus
    are the poll winners. Previously in reading a year old message
    it said that Freeship Plus was evolving fast. So now I would like
    to know the views of experienced users what the difference
    is today between the two so I can figure out which one to
    start with. I am designing a small seaplane hull and figure that
    while in the water it is simply a boat. This boat hull has
    a step that is absent in regular boats so I think I will be
    designing two hulls. The front half and the back half.
  2. Ilan Voyager
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    Ilan Voyager Senior Member

    Seaplanes hulls are a bit more complicated than drawing the full in 2 pieces. Stepped planing hulls is a rather special domain. There is some data at Nasa's site. Be careful.
  3. Martijn_vE
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    Martijn_vE Marine software developer

    Both versions are the same when it comes to hull modeling and hydrostatics calculations. Freeship plus has some resistance related features added to it but is more unstable than the original version.
  4. scottperkinsusa
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    scottperkinsusa Junior Member

    IS there any chance that Freeship might run on a Win 98 computer ?
    I noticed when I downloaded it that the only system requirements
    it listed was 386i as opposed to Linux. Should I give any consideration
    to the Delftship free program ? I still cant really understand what
    that is since when I was at the Freeship 2.9 website and clicked
    website and it took me to Delftship website ? ? ?
  5. scottperkinsusa
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    scottperkinsusa Junior Member

    I downloaded and Freeship seems to run OK on a Win 98 system.

    I was hoping to build the hull with flat panels, I think you call that
    with hard chines and so far I cannot see where you specify that
    in FreeShip. It is fun playing stretch with the points in the 3D views
  6. daiquiri
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  7. Luckless
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    Luckless Senior Member

    If you are still running win98, I would suggest updating to a newer OS. You are no longer getting security updates after all, and there is still a lot of junk floating around taking advantage of holes in the system. If you don't want to invest anything in the computer, try a linux build.

  8. masalai
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    masalai masalai

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