Freeship radius chine modelling

Discussion in 'Software' started by steel42, Sep 15, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    I'm working as a 'first project' on an interpretation of Atkin's Ingrid as a chined steel hull. I've come up against a bit of a problem - I would like to look at the effects of radiusing the top chine, but the software I'm using (Freeship Plus 3.43) doesn't have a radiusing feature built in, and nor do many other packages it would seem. What is the best practice for modelling radius chine hulls?

    Just as a bit of background, I'll try to attach the file of one of the chine configurations I'm working on. Not pretty at all yet, and probably full of mistakes to the eye of a pro designer... but as I say this is my first go at this...


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    For some strange reason my copy of Freeship won't open this file. Neither will Delftship.
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    What version of "FreeShip" was this file saved in?
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    You know about the crease/uncrease button yes?

    If you need to control the radius in the middle of a surface, try the following -

    1. Select all of the edges on either side of the chine and hit egde>>split.
    2. Repeat 1. So that you have points that are 25% of the span. Repeat again if necessary.
    3. Delete all unnecessary points and turn off the crease at the chine.
    4. Now you have to fiddle the points to get a constant radius if that is you goal.

    A far better way is to use the extrude function. Just extrude a ribbon around the midship section, and then when you have a complete midsection, you can extrude pieces of it fore and aft and then use <new surface> to fill any holes.

    Below is my first go at FreeShip (or any design software for that matter). Radius chine (strip planked) with developable hull, topsides and deck. I already had the design on paper.

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    Freeship Plus 3.43

    Sorry... I'm lost! Ribbon?

  6. steel42
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    Just to tie up this thread...

    I followed Phil's first method of producing a radius chine, which did end up working for me, so many thanks.

    I found that none of the radius chine configurations I tried really yielded the hull form I was aiming for - those lovely curvaceous Atkin double ender bow and stern forms just don't really work out as two flat plates and a radius, not least because the 'flat plates' themselves would require a silly amount of twist.

    Thanks, then, for allowing me to prove what should have been obvious all along. Anyway, I am moving forward with a round bilge design, and I attach a picture of it in a very preliminary stage... just to show hopefully that I haven't totally been wasting your time!

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